The back yard of Bushwick gallery Factory Fresh happens to be experiencing an interesting time, space and art slot. Tek33 and Dscreet of Burning Candy were working on this graffiti as part of the All City Street Art Block Party on November 20, 2010. As we can all imagine, the Block Party turned out to be way too much fun, and the guys finished the graffiti only couple of days ago. As a result, only a very few pairs of eyes saw the finished awesomness on the wall of Factory Fresh and with the upcoming show, the graffiti will be painted over, as a good tradition of the gallery.  Luckily, my fish eye was one of the few eyes. Enjoy!

Tek33 is visiting from the UK and Dscreet from Australia. With the rest of the Burning Candy Crew, they are currently making a new film Dots, which follows each artist on a journey around the world, as they visit the places and cultures that most inspire their artistic style, in order to discover how they can take their own work further. Not content to go about making a documentary in the traditional way, Dots is directed by The Baron, one of the formerly elusive members of Burning Candy. Drawing on his own prodigious talents as a graffiti artist and filmmaker, the Baron is able to access this closely guarded underground scene with a level of insight that few, if any, other documentarians have been able to achieve before.

To fund the film, Burning Candy produced a limited edition box-set of nine prints, one from each artist. These highly desirable sets are bound to become collectors’ items immediately – Mighty Mo recently released a set of prints which sold out in less than two hours. The box-set also includes a certificate of authenticity, which gives the owner a 0.05% share of the film’s profits for the next 10 years. In this way, the profits from the prints will fund the film. For more information, visit