Kings County, a small, dark dive bar on Seigel and Bogart, is organizing a rather unusual event – New York’s Smallest Penis Contest. Bar manager Aimee Arciuolo told the Post that “the small guy needs to be celebrated” because those guys have to work harder. The contest is planned for July 20, and here is how it will look…

“The event is part beauty pageant and part wet-skivvies contest — with a talent show, musical numbers and question-and-answer session,” writes the Post. The competitors will also show themselves off in skin-tight evening wear and swimsuit rounds. The winner will get $200 and a crown.

If you’re asking yourself who on Earth would ever sign up for a competition like this…well, honestly we don’t know. But apparently three contestants have already signed up.

So guys, I’m a little torn here. Is it a good or bad thing to have a contest like this? A quick Youtube search shows that Kings County definitely isn’t the first place to organize a competition of this kind. But still…Is it a way of thinking lightheartedly about something that can be a lifelong problem for someone? Is it a way of starting a conversation about small penis and its role in today’s society? Or is Kings County just desperately (and successfully) begging for attention from the press? Let us know your opinion.