A crazy dance party was made possible because of DJ duo AndrewAndrew

Last Wednesday the Brooklyn Museum hosted its annual Brooklyn Artists Ball, honoring artists Vik Muniz, Wangechi Mutu and Roxie Paine as well as showcasing the work of Brooklyn artists that decorated the 16 tables of the dinner party. The price for getting in one of these tables was at least $1,000, and so we wanted to make sure to give you a glimpse of what happened at this fancy dinner party and who wear what. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Go! Push Pops even after their performance electrified the dance floor.

Dancing while wearing a fur is not prohibited.
Honoree artist Roxy Paine in the center with friends.
Bill Cunningham ran from the other side of the room to get this photo.
Everybody was carrying a Bushwick pride.
Daniel Arsham’s installation Relics
The merriment of a great dinner party was inscribed in everybody’s smile.
Emily Noelle Lambert’s installation These Cacophonic Days
Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, the artists also known as FAILE Art
Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw after they got down from their dinner table.
Joey Frank and his installation Press Long Ellipse
Detail of Joey Frank’s Press Long Ellipse.
Navin June Norling’s installation On The Block.
Overview of the dinner party.
Party attendees
Party attendees
Lan Tuazon in front of her installation Monuments to Nowhere.
A view from The Supra-Sididdy by Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw

For a night where all were dressed at their best,  the Brooklyn Museum celebrated the up and coming artists of Brooklyn.  And in its subliminal halls an ample supply of alcohol fueled a crazy party. Just like Cinderella, the Brooklyn Museum turned into something different for one night. But every Cinderella story always ends at midnight. The party ended with people walking out of the museum still dancing, still socializing, still smiling and laughing.