“Don’t stop looking like a physical Picasso when you drag your impotence on the street / Don’t drop all that cynical bravado; you need all that self-defense just to breathe” cooes Kent Odessa in the first  verse of their newest single, “Bo Jacksons”. With cohesively poetic phrases, modern art references, and a demanding-yet-demeaning tone, many curiosities about band Kent Odessa may fill your mind. Keep in mind that’s before you’ve let yourself imagine what their music sounds like.

Though they don’t try to be a mystery, Brooklyn’s Kent Odessa is a little engima wrapped up in bursting synths, gyrating digi-beats, and clever rhythmic lyrics. Their EP Silverdome presents a culture-conscious clash of minimal dance music, hushed electronic musings, and repetitive & catchy melodies. But wander no further, your wondering will be addressed: Kent Odessa is playing our Holiday Party this Sunday.


Kent Odessa happens to be the slick name of the singer/songwriter/producer of the band. He’s the ringleader of the live band, whose members span Brooklyn, including female singer Celeste Cruz, who lives in Bushwick (holla!). Originally from Detroit, his music is seemingly influenced by the Industrial city; often dark and sparse with omnipresent dance/rave tones. New Wave & 80s sounds trickle into the rippling rhythms and sparking reverb. To describe his music more concisely, it’s whirling, emotional, enigmatic pop music appropriate for dancing in the club for dancing in your in underwear. 

To sum it up, we dig them. A LOT. See their most recent video below for the as-mentioned single, Bo Jacksons, a dance-audition video that’s equal parts flashdance and that awkward audition video from Bring It On. Throw in a little self-deprication, an all-or-nothing attitude, and a touch of romance, and you’ve got an awesome video.

Swing by their website to familiarize yourself with their tunes & break out some glowsticks for Sunday’s performance! It will all go down at Bushwick Daily’s Holiday Party at Brooklyn Fire Proof. See you there!!!