Sonic Jungle Aims to Bring Wellness and Environmental Sustainability to Brooklyn’s Nightlife

With the icy, depressing February weather setting in and the political climate providing even less comfort, it’s easy to forget about self-care and wellness.

Luckily, Sonic Jungle’s organizers aim to help Brooklynites recharge their metaphorical batteries and find inspiration at their cultural oasis pop-up event, happening periodically throughout the winter and early spring with an eventual Bushwick location in 2018.

Starting this month, Sonic Jungle will launch their Cultural Oasis Pop-Up Series, which aims to help attendees reconnect with nature by providing a unique sensory experience that combines a nightclub atmosphere with the promotion of wellness and community consciousness.  

According to the event’s mission statement, “The Sonic Jungle’s Cultural Oasis Pop-Up event series aims to help people prioritize their health by showcasing art, music, wellness and eco-technology as catalysts for innovation and impact. We are building a collaborative community where people can recharge, find inspiration, and find genuine social connections that are founded in creating positive change.”  

The series will be host to a wide variety of different mindful, sensory and wellness-focused features, such as massage and Reiki, an Infared spa, LED art and sculpture exhibitions, and a musical lineup to keep the good vibes going all night.

The Cultural Oasis series will kick off February 25 in a 44,000 square-foot event space at 510 Flatbush Ave. Sonic Jungle’s founders plan to move the event to a permanent Bushwick location in 2018. 

Check out The Sonic Jungle’s event page for more information. You can buy tickets to the pop-up series events here.

See you there!

Featured image courtesy of Sonic Jungle.

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