While certain sources claim New York might get “hammered” by Hurricane Joaquin, we have a feeling the only kind of hammered you’re going to get this weekend is the kind that takes place in Brooklyn… at a music venue… at one of these shows…. (wow I’m so sorry).

Unlike the weatherman, we can say with certainty there’s a 100% chance you’ll contend with FOMO when trying to chart your musical itinerary. See below for our picks, which lean heavy towards local bands this week. All shows chosen were NOT sold out at the time this was penned.

# 1 SLEEPiES, Parlor Walls, Vomitface, Dumb Wolves @ Aviv (Thursday, 8 PM)

Catch local punk outfit SLEEPiES while you can, as the band is about to go on hiatus (lame) as one of the members embarks on fatherly duties (proud). They recently dropped their Micro Harbours EP, which was mastered by Ben Greenberg of The Men and is a precursor to a full length album they’ll release post baby-daddy hiatus. ViSuALS will be created by Preston Spurlock.

#2 Ought, LVL Up @ Secret Project Robot (Friday, 8 PM doors)

Ought’s live show is a perfect coupling of frenetic rock energy and deadpan vocal delivery you hear on their studio albums. Their new album Sun Coming Down assuaged any and all fears of a sophomore slump after last year’s More Than Any Other Day. New York-based LVL Up plays first, meaning this is not a show where you don’t stupidly miss the opener to drink beers.

We’d be remiss if we failed to mention this was originally scheduled to take place at Silent Barn, which caught on fire earlier this week. Both of LVL Up’s albums and newest EP are now “pay what you want,” with all proceeds going to Silent Barn’s restoration efforts.

# 3 Eskimeaux, Told Slant, Attic Abasement, Real Life Buildings @ Baby’s All Right (Friday, 8 PM)

Said show is somehow still not sold out as I write this. If you’re at all familiar with Eskimeaux you’re likely as baffled by this as I am. Grab some headphones and watch their NPR Music Tiny Desk concert now. Prepare to feel all the feels courtesy of Gabrielle Smith’s songwriting.

# 4 Winstons, Acid Dad, Wild Yaks + DJS Fascinator and Bad Looks SPECIAL GUEST: PROMISE LAND @ Alphaville (Saturday, 8 PM)

BD favorite Alphaville is hosting the official release show for local duo Winstons, whose Black Dust EP drops tomorrow. Recorded straight to tape, the unfussy process highlights what Winstons does best: crackling vocals and powerful percussion. Wild Yaks and Acid Dad (a band name to behold in an era of cringe inducing band names, IMO), are also worth catching.

#5 Giraffes, Netherlands and special guest Mishka Shubaly @ The Wick (October 3, 8 PM)

Another hometown band playing a release show in Kings County! Giraffes’ new album Usury drops tomorrow via Silver Sleeve and this is their only Brooklyn show this fall! Come out for wild, hard rock with big riffs.

#6 ADVAETA, HSY, Dirty Dishes, Decorum @ Palisades (Sunday, 8 PM)

Brooklyn-based Advaeta’s lush psych rock recently entered my heavy rotation. They also have a song called “Death and the Internet,” which I find to be so eerily 2015 it’s almost too much to handle. Melodic yet loud, the music deals in juxtapositions. They’re going places.