Out in the Streets

Across from the stage, was the market place. Everything from handmade yarn cat toys to made on the spot, custom metal worked jewelry. stamped out customed name plate and Sugar Momma teased your senses with sweet smelling body products. Becca’s Books brother and sister team sported a host of hand-made unique sketchbooks while gave your cat a run for its money with their catnip thread blended toys.      This baby’s got the right idea. El Dorado Gifts, Wyckoff Starr, held this past weekend at the historic

in Ridgewood, was two days of pure heaven.

The short of it: Out in the Streets was cray-mazing– uplifting indie pop band Terror Pigeon crushed it; local vendors were amazing, and the heat was totally doable thanks to two acre lawn and cool drinks.

Vendors, supplied by Ridgewood Market, lined the two acre lawn, providing food, drinks, cool stuff to buy, and most of all, a good ol’ time.

Montana’s Trail House brought out the big guns with their mouthwatering pulled pork and BBQ chicken sandwiches for $6 bucks, while Archie’s kept it classic with whole pizza pies, made fresh and then delivered.

The DOE Fund sold BBQ, burgers, and pastries to help raise support and awareness for their Ready, Willing, and Able program. Employee Krona Williams explained how the fund helps homeless and formerly incarcerated men to get back on their feet by helping them find trades, housing, and stable employment.

Festival sponsors Narragansett and Magic Hat were on deck slinging cold brews, shandy, and wine.

If you were keeping it sober, Wyckoff Starr had you covered with their signature ice coffee and, wait for it, muthafreakin froyo! Strangeways set up coconut shop and even had voter registration forms to rev up for Novembers closed primary for you Berners, Trumps and Clinton fans.


Long time attendee Erin Browning was elated to be there. “This is the third year I’ve come and it’s always fun,” she said. A Bunch of Dead People livened up the crowd, starting off their set with a beautiful war cry. The infectious drum kick forced you to get up and move your feet; just in time for female lead Haybaby to remind you to add them to your old Dashboard Confessional-heavy beach/break up playlist.

Spirit Plate brought a little soul to the festival with their jazz/funk infused set, while Lushes gave us an ode to Kurt Cobain.

Balancer evened us out with some mellow lounge music that makes you wish it could stay stuck in your head. Salt Cathedral brought us to church with her angelic Imogen Heap-esque vocal performance.

Stranger Cat covered Odesza’s “Say My Name” and I lost control of my heart. Love as Laughter transported us to a Molly Ringwald film and Wild Yaks got you moving to and electric melody that is what Fun should have been.

Total Slacker gave us their all with haunting Manson-y chords. “In The House of Yes” by Mr. Twin Sister is a big YAAAAASSSSSSS.

Ladies only Heliotropes gave us a Jet-like performance that was dripping with talent. Air Waves dominated on Sunday, giving us Tegan and Sarah style riffs with a soothing husky vocal. Spritzer provided some Hot Hot Heat to dance to while The Love Supreme was showered in fanfare before they even started their revival of the funk.

Terror Pigeon threw us in a panic with how scary good they were and, quite frankly, were the highlight of the weekend.

All photos courtesy of Gustavo Ponce for Bushwick Daily

Fiza Fashion brought bright colorful silks and necklaces made from recycled typewriters while BialoPadin Design showed off her metalworking skills with bracelets and hairpins. Wearskate artist Megan Carli raised funds for a skate camp scholarship for girls ages 7-12 with her recycled rings and jewelry. Carli’s beautiful crystal focused jewelry gives at risk and in need girls a chance to learn how to skateboard at Homage Brooklyn.


El Dorado Gifts followed suit, selling handmade, naturally dyed bags on behalf of families in towns like Oaxaca Mexico and Guatavita, Colombia. Sunday saw more conscious market vendors like Tanya’s Crochet Closet sold crochet support ribbons for a host of causes, and Bellawaera selling handmade clothing made with organic textiles from the Chiangmai and Mong people of Thailand. “I wanted to bring this [culture] to the people of New York,” said founder Jaruwara Pitisuwannarut.

Out in the Streets

Archie’s Pizza

The Love Supreme

BialoPaldin Designs

Terror Pigeon

DOE Fund

Enjoying the lawn

Air Waves



Fiza Fashion

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