Turn up the lights in here, baby, extra bright y’all need to read this… we’re back, post-SXSW hangover (or even more severe lack-of-SXSW-hangover) and back in the swing of things! Bands have returned, recovered, and are ready to blow us away all over again. Here are 10 shows to not miss this weekend:

#10 Night Birds, No Problem, Sonic Poison, Nuclear Santa Claust @ The Acheron, 57 Waterbury St, E. Williamsburg (SUN 8PM, $10)

Get your hard(er) core Sunday night on at The Acheron, where “thoroughly modern morons” Night Birds play a benefit show.

Night Birds, No Problem, Sonic Poison, Nuclear Santa Claust

#9 Raccoon Fighter // Daniel Bachman // Paperhaus // James T. Psychopath @ Palisades, 906 Broadway, Bushwick (SAT 8PM, $7/$10)

The real highlight on this bill is guitarist Daniel Bachman, who weaves intricate stories into his 6-string and lap guitar epics. Check out his NPR Tiny Desk Concert.

#8 Big Ups, Kissing Fractures, Swings, BBC America @ AVIV, 496 Morgan Ave, Greenpoint (THURS 8PM, $6)

If you haven’t seen Big Ups‘ charged, punk-tinged performance yet, here’s your chance, for cheap!

#7 CHROMED ft. Housing Corp, Dgro, NSR, David Kiss, Max August, Higgins + TRIBES NY & more @ Secret Venue, Near Jefferson L, Bushwick (FRI 10PM, $7-15)

If you’re looking to mingle at a party that’s not quite a rave, not quite a house party, then this civil, more sleek, clean warehouse dance party is the jammer is for you!

#6 ELLIS ISLAND OF BUSHWICK @ Secret Loft, 255 McKibbin St, E. Williamsburg (SAT 1 PM, $free)

Trade your post-brunch nap for a visit to the Ellis Island of Bushwick this Saturday! This is a daytime group art show in the infamous McKibbin Lofts, and there is music by Fake Money, and special performances are promised.

#5 Monogold / Total Makeover (mems Neighbors) / TOMBOY @ Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave, Bushwick (SAT 7PM, $8)

If you love DIY space Silent Barn, you’re likely there on a weekend anyway. This Caturday see some awesome shimmery psych-pop by Monogold, who we haven’t seen in a few years but killed it at the Night Bazaar once upon a time!

#4 Jenny Hval, LODRO, SoftSpot @ Alphaville, 140 Wilson Ave, Bushwick (SUN 8PM, $10)

Now that now-defunct Glasslands‘ (#RIPDIY) booking crew Popgun is putting on shows at new and different venues, expect Alphaville to get a lot more badass shows like this, which features Norwegian singer Jenny Hval.

#3 Teen Suicide/LVL UP/Crying/Amanda X/Flagland/Washer @ BK Night Bazaar, 165 Banker St, Williamsburg (FRI, 8PM, $FREE)

Dang, yet another great lineup at BNB, featuring some local Bushwick bands as well as Philly twee-punkers Amanda X, who we featured as one of our pics for CMJ back in October.

#2 LAS ROSAS + BOYTOY w/ Threats, Winstons @ Alphaville, 140 Wilson Ave, Bushwick (FRI 8pm, $8)

Would you know it, another awesome Friday night show at Alphaville? This time it’s with some of our fave garage bands including Las Rosas and Boytoy. Come early for Threats and Winstons and stick around between sets for DJ Skully.

#1 Phèdre / DOOMSQUAD, VOTIIV, Courtship Ritual @ Shea Stadium, 20 Meadow St, E. Williamsburg (SAT 8PM, $10)

Oh yes, exactly the kind of evening I’ve been looking forward to. Expect slinky, deep, industrial electronic music from Toronto’s Doomsquad  and upbeat, kaleidoscopic dance jams from Phèdre. Plus, get there early for a warm set from excellent openers Courtship Ritual.