It’s cold outside. There: we said it.  Now that that realization has come to all of us, let’s get over it quickly and get back to live music, because this polar vortex bull doesn’t care if we have a show to go to. This weekend is a very special weekend, bringing to Brooklyn of all sorts of soulful performances, vibey dance parties, a BBQ (bring your parka), free shows, and even a Metal festival… Lets go!

#10 Antarctigo Vespucci, Hard Girls, Mikey Erg, Turnip King @ Palisades, 906 Broadway (SAT 8PM, $10)

The headliners on this bill feature mems of Bomb the Music Industry + Fake Problems so if that means anything to you at all, this is the show for you.

#9 Sludgfeast @ Paper Box, 17 Meadow St (SAT 2PM, $20)

Watch out! Sludgfeast is here, and bringing “One Day of Heavy to Brooklyn.” The bill features Naam, White Hills, No Way, Blackout, It’s Not Night, It’s Space, Chimpgrinder, Wonderbreed, Eidetic Seeing, Mountain God, Blackest,Grizzlor, and more!

#8 1st annual Pulaski Fest Feat Shannon Söderlund, Kung Fu Kongress, Rolling Heads + more @ 431 Pulaski St (SAT 1PM, $FREE?)

From the organizers: “Join us for a day full of music, art, good company. food and drink! We will be setting up in the backyard with a stage featuring at least 3 bands, an art exhibit, video projection, BBQ and a keg, though BYOB and BYOBBQ is encouraged!”

#7 Monogold, Cookies, ThisPoint @ Glasslands, 298 Kent (SAT 9PM, $10)

Lovely pop-art rockers Monogold are back to premiere their forthcoming album “This Bloom” with an intimate show at Glasslands on Saturday night. The venue recently announced it will be closing so get your fix now!


Free free free is all you need to know about this Sunday afternoon show, but also the below track from band Such Hounds is just so damn fun!

#5 Mitski, Johanna Warren, eskimeaux, Told Slant @ Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave (THURS 8PM, $10)

Get your twee pop fix tonight at Silent Barn, which features a beautifully gentle bill of artists.

#4 Fiasco, Sediment Club, Michael Jordan, Le Rug @ Death By Audio, 49 S 2nd St (SUN 8PM, $10)

RIP DIY: Go see one of legendary DIY space DBA’s last shows this Sunday with garagey rockers Fiasco & Le Rug. They’ve got a cool art show going on that you can also check out. And read this excellent retrospective while you’re at it.

#3 The Loose Control Band, DJ Spun, Phil South @ Good Room, 98 Meserole Ave (FRI 10PM, $10)

We don’t really know much about this cool-sounded new Williamsburg venue, Good Room, but we do know that The Loose Control Band’s scratchy beats are very seductive.

#2 HUBBLE / MIKE WEXLER / PSYCHIC REALITY / UGLY HUSSY @ Trans-Pecos, 915 Wyckoff Ave (FRI 9PM, $8)

Cold weather is a good excuse to get spacey, so get over to Ridgewood to experience to the peaceful space music music that is Northern Spy artist Hubble.

#1 Sustain-Release CAMPERS REUNION: Patricia, Nicuri, Aurora Halal, The Long Count Cycle @ Body Actualized, 143 Troutman St (FRI 10PM, $10)

Even if you didn’t get your shit together to attend ultra-vibey music festival Sustain-Release, you’re still invited to this musical reunion of sorts….Enjoy a backyard firepit, reinforced sound, lights, memories and vibes into the late night.