If this headline freaked you out, take it easy: you still have over two months to work on your Halloween costume. For those of you looking for a spooky experience sooner than later, you’re in luck! Our friends over at The Wild Honey Pie have announced their next party:  Spooky Mansion, coming to a secret NYC location near you next Saturday 8/30.  The one-night-only extravaganza features performances from Rubblebucket, Jukebox The Ghost, and PROM! Best of all the show is 100% free and includes food, drinks, and awesomeness.

The Wild Honey Pie has been rocking these all-inclusive events for a while now with their Welcome Campers series.  Most recently they took a pack of music lovers up to Massachusetts for a weekend of music and gluttony. The bill included  The So So GlosSKATERSYounger MeGreat Good Fine OkFreelance Whales and Yellerkin and you can experience it all in their interactive video here. And, Last summer, we joined the party, heading upstate to a secluded mansion where we hung out with the likes of VensaireCaveman, and Widowspeak– see photos of that here.

Sounds like the best party around, #areweright? This time around, they’re staying local, heading to a secret spot in NYC decked out in haunted goodies where the bands will be recording alternate versions of their songs to a backdrop of various haunted house themes. Now all you have to do is put your name in the hat and cross your fingers you get a ticket! RSVP here.

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