Following a long, sleepy break from party programming, The Knockdown Center quietly announced their first show of the springtime, and it’s a big one. MIA, the world-renowned Sri Lankan superstar, will be burning down the factory on May 8 and 9 in a rare, off-the-grid, underpublicized performance with support from Harlem-based rapper A$AP FERG.

UPDATE: Due to a scheduling conflict, the Thursday show has been cancelled. All tickets will be honored on Friday night.

The innovative genre-melder, who slices up hip and trip-hop and rap into dominating dance-pop songs, is known for her outspoken political views, and infamous for some very un-PC performances (she’s currently being sued by the NFL for 16.6 million dollars after flashing the bird at their 2012 halftime show). We can only imagine the magic she’ll be abrewin’ at one of our favorite art spaces in Queens, just a 15 minute walk or bus ride from the Jefferson L stop. So what are you waiting for? Let’s show MIA that Bushwick knows how to get controversial as well.

Tickets are still available here¬†for $38 a piece. Keep your eyes out for an article early next week about all of The Knockdown Center’s upcoming programming as it prepares to open as a legal space in May.

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