Today we premiere a brand new song and video from NYC’s own alternative rock band Cosmonaut! They kick off an April residency at Piano’s on April 8th. Friday First is a weekly column that features new releases from both local and national bands.

Cosmonaut, the four-piece that we invited to play at our Holy Smokes! Festival last September, is bubbling with energy in their latest, “Radio Silence.” The track features raw, progressive guitars and fuzzed-out, Strokes-like vocals that croon magnificence. The chorus builds in a catchy, guitar-driven crescendo, inviting singalongs as well as a little head banging.  The sound is a depart from the poppy, romantic themes of 2012’s Hurry Up, layering their sound with new textures and fills, heading in a more alternative direction. According to Jack Manley (the lead singer with those heart-stopping blue eyes), Radio Silence “exemplifies [Cosmonaut’s] sound” and “offers a taste of where [they] are going with [their] music.”  The accompanying video, a Deli Exlusive, takes your standard performance video to a trippier place, letting each band member “shine” for moments throughout, glowy shadows the hues of Northern Lights oozing from their bodies in slow motion. Is it the underlying work of a ghost producer? Is it visual proof of dualism? Is it just a trippy effect? We’ll never know, but it looks pretty dang cool in Cosmonaut’s best video yet.

Want to hear more from Cosmonaut? You’re in luck! The band begins a month-long Tuesday residency at Piano’s starting April 8th where you can pick up their brand new 7″ featuring “Radio Silence.” Across the month they’ll feature lots of great support from bands like Mainland,  Butter The Children, Average Girl, and High Waisted (who we caught at SXSW!). See you there.

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