In this edition of

Friday First

we explore

Two Twins

 second single and get our mouths watering for the album “

Anonymous Unanimous

” that is going to be released April 1st on

Bleek Records

 from Brooklyn. If ever a time to need a beautifully landscaped bed of sound that makes you soar high above murky times it is the single “

No Windows

.” Friday First is a weekly column that features new releases from both local and national bands.

Two Twins

No Windows is crafted in a way that gently rolls in and immediately washes over you in a roaring sea of emotion. Cedar Apffel who is also a talented painter, paints his music with no beginning, middle, or end in sight. You hear a symphony of strings, keys, building, dropping, that one can inhale and exhale in the likes of Explosions in the Sky, and Mono (Japan). No Windows leaves you breathless and looking for a window to escape. Just to find your way back in the tide of it. If this is a precursor to what is to come from this album, Two Twins are going to take the summer outdoor anthem band title.