In this week’s Friday First, we’re pumped to premiere the new single from Clouder, whose psych-influenced, otherworldly sounds are crafted right here in Bushwick. On their latest track, “Phanton Girl”, these stellar locals evoke the droney, dreamy noise of the past, but also glance towards the future. Needless to say, we dig it! Friday First is a weekly column that features new releases from both local and national bands.

“Phantom Girl” opens with a rhythmic roar that quickly gives way to driving guitar work and ethereal melodies. There are elements of 60s garage rock and protopunk in Clouder’s music that, when coupled with Eric Gilstrap’s limitless vocals, offer an appealing mix of both nostalgic and contemporary vibes. Whether he’s crooning with ease or screeching his way through a dizzying torrent of effects, Gilstrap’s voice is fiercely evocative, nestled among a fiery background that blazes high and low. “Phantom Girl” is a refreshing blend of old and new influence, from 70s rock to 90s indie rock and basically everything in between.

If you’ve already got “Phantom Girl” stuck in your head (we’re speaking from experience here), check out the band’s upcoming sophomore album, Sister Raygun, available March 4 on Fleeting Youth Records. You can also catch Clouder’s record release show March 7th with Eula, Dead Stars, Pow Wow! and Let’s Be Loveless at Bar Matchless.