take a cue from this guy, and love yourself.

So, it’s V-Day weekend. Maybe you want to find a really fun and awesome show to go to this weekend to celebrate with that special someone. Maybe you don’t give a shit and just want to see some sweet music and hang out. Perhaps it will involve thoughtful folk songs or some hip buzz bands rocking out at a DIY venue. Who cares if you go with a lover, a friend or solo? This is the weekend for you to treat the person you love with some awesome music, and if that person is yourself, well, then you’ve got extra money for a lotta beer at the shows.

#10 Bueno “Little Joe” Release w/ Free Time (feat. Richard Davies), Baked & Zula @ Shea Stadium (SAT 8PM, $8)

Head over to Shea Stadium Saturday night for some washed out vocals, distortedy guitar sounds. This is Bueno‘s “Little Joe” release, so get down with their creative use of horns and moody bass lines. Each of these bands adds a special something to the show, and it’s all pretty perfect music to sway awkwardly to until you accidentally bump into the cutie you’ve been making eyes at all night, if you want.

#9 Team Spirit, The Liza Colby Sound, Hard Nips, Blue and Gold, Lowell @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar (FRI 6PM, FREE)

Brooklyn Night Bazaar is killing it with their free shows every weekend. From Team Spirit (Vice Records) to Hard Nips, this show will definitely not disappoint. Also an awesome place to fall in love, while listening to Hard Nips cover Iggy Pop’s “I wanna be your dog,” nibbling on an arancini, battling the crowds of pushy underage fans, perhaps your hand will accidentally graze that of another’s as you reach for the unicorn pooping a rainbow case for sale from an artisanal iphone handler. This could be true love. Or maybe you’ll just dance your ass off and flip all the couples the bird. Either one is fine, but there may be children present.

#8 UNLOVEABLE: A SMITHS & MORRISSEY VALENTINES DAY @ The Bell House (FRI 8PM, $12 adv/$15 dos)

While Bushwick residents don’t love venturing outside of Bushwick, this event, featuring Legendary NYC Tribute band The Sons & Heirs, with Dave Hill (WFMU), Rob Sheffield (ROLLING STONE) and DJ Ceremony, seems totally worth it. Rocking out to a fantastic cover band play just Smiths songs would be fun any day of the year. This sounds like a fun date, or a pretty good place to drown your sorrows among the garbling vocals of a Morrissey imitator. Either way, get drunk and have a dance party.

#7 PRETEXT PRESENTS: XNY, Unicycle Loves You, Haybaby, Adult Dude, Whiskey Bitches @ Radio Bushwick (SUN 7:30PM, $8)

Pretext Social Club is having their first ever music showcase at Radio Bushwick on Sunday night featuring Bushwick’s own Whiskey Bitches.  It’s also a birthday party, and a reminder that if you work a 9-5 that isn’t run by slave drivers, you have a 3 day weekend. Woohoo! Valentines and President’s Day, win! Anyway, check out this sweet line up, get ready for sassy lady vocals, punk-y guitar riffs and a perfect combination of romance and hooligan-ness.

#6 Anti Valentines Day Cover band show @ Death by A

udio (FRI 7:30PM, $6-$10 sliding scale)

In years past, this was a riot girl show, but they are changing things up a bit at Death By Audio this time. Get ready to feel like you are back in high school and totally miserable/loving it. The bands to be covered for this show include Saves the Day, Weezer, Alkaline Trio, Get Up Kids, Sonic Youth, Dead Moon, and Hole. This truly sounds like a blast, so put on your chuck taylor’s, chug some PBR before you go, and stand awkwardly in a corner for a while rocking out the some awesome oldies (because they, like us, are old by now).

#5 Priests, Lazy Eyes, Truther @ The End (SUN 8PM, $8)

Glad Tidings From New York has yet another kick ass show for the Bushwick music lovers. Priests, hailing from DC will be playing with Brooklyn’s Lazyeyes, and Truther at The End in Morgantown, an all ages venue that opened this past November (lucky for you, we covered the opening). Get ready for a lot of dancing, dark areas to make out in and dynamic music to fall in love with.

#4 Legs, Workman song, DJ B-Tips @ Friends and Lovers  (SAT. 8:30pm, $8-$10)

Friends and Lovers is also not in the Bushwick , but in nearby Bed Stuy and featuring a few local artists this Saturday night that would be worth shelling out a bit of cash to see. Workman Song is the project of Sean McMahon, originally from Western Massachusetts and also member of Streets of Laredo. No matter how you feel about Valentines day weekend, McMahon’s Dylan-esque folk vocals, and tongue tied lyrics would be enjoyed by lovers and loners alike. Plus, get the party started afterwards with DJ B-tips, who spins some catchy shit.

#3 Bird Courage, Hello Strangers, Bunny Punch, The Van Gemerts @ The Rock Shop (FRI 8PM, $8-$10)

bird courage

Valentines day spreads its dove-like wings throughout the entirety of Brooklyn, like at this Park Slope show at The Rock Shop. Enjoy the rich and intricate stylings of the Brooklyn two-piece Bird Courage as they pour their hearts out to you on Valentines Day Night. They will be sharing the stage with Hello Strangers, Bunny Punch and The Van Gemerts. Take the leap and hop on that G train!

#2 Mind’s Eye: A Multi-media Collaboration with Music by O Paradiso @ Brooklyn Fire Proof (SAT 9PM, FREE)

Mind’s Eye is the vision of Tim Brown, a New Zealander who now lives in Ridgewood. Brown came to Brooklyn presumedly to turn the art world upside down and is doing so with this multi-media event involving projections of collages animated by the talented Ana Mouyis and Zachary Zezima. Live music will be performed during the projections by Bushwick’s O Paradiso. Mind’s Eye is meant to be Tim Brown’s way of expressing his struggle to cope with the greed driven consumerist of western culture, exploring his ideas of being trapped and overwhelmed by this culture. Valentines weekend the perfect time to experience this event as it is the ultimate consumerist holiday. Perhaps you can strike up an opinionated conversation about art and love with another show goer and the rest will be history!

#1 Fishnets & Bowties Bushwick Daily’s Pre-Valentines Day Party Feat. The Love Supreme @ Bizarre (THU 9PM, $5)

In case you haven’t heard, we are having a party! We don’t mean to shamelessly self-promote but look at it? The Love Supreme will be serenading you with their swoon-worthy croons and soulful ballads, followed by circus performers and MORE! Why wouldn’t we tell you about this a million times. Also, there’s a sex toy giveaway from Babeland. Just come…forget about the snow already…and don’t forget to dress up in fishnets or bow ties to win what? A TROPHY! The answer is obvious, you will love this weekend.