Grass Is Green. (Image courtesy of the artist)

This week’s Friday First spotlights “Sammy So-Sick,” the latest single from Boston alt-punks Grass Is Green. Right now, the dudes are busy hitting the road with Speedy Ortiz, but next week they’ll deliver a brand new album, Vacation Vinny, via Exploding In Sound Records. Unassuming in appearance but utterly striking when experienced live, Grass Is Green are surely poised for big things in 2014. Friday First is a weekly column featuring new releases from both local and national bands.

Subtle yet spellbinding from its opening chords onward, “Sammy So-Sick” immediately pulls listeners into its grasp, eagerly anticipating what might happen next. Like a whack to the noggin, the track goes on to stomp and thrash its way across five epic minutes. Eventually, the Vacation Vinny album opener launches an infectious game of hide-and-seek, bobbing  in-and-out of melodic rhythms, crunchy guitars, and slickly syncopated beats. And although it’s a ride sure to leave you holding on for dear life, “Sammy So-Sick” is just one example of the raw, early alternative-inspired sounds that Grass Is Green serve so expertly, time and time again.

Like what you hear from Grass Is Green? You can pre-order Vacation Vinny (on “beer-colored” vinyl, no less) ahead of its January 14 release date, or plan to hit the Silent Barn on January 31 to see the band alongside Frankie Cosmos, Baked, Poverty Hollow, and Radical Dads. Our suggestion? Do both.