Inside Big Snow (photo by Maria Gotay for Bushwick Daily)

It is disturbing and very saddening that we have to talk about another Bushwick shooting in one day. One of our favorite music venues, Big Snow Buffalo Lodge is said to have closed its doors for good after the shock and horror of one of its co-owners, Yoni David, being injured in a shooting on Wednesday, July 17. Yoni is currently at Bellevue Hospital after he was shot in his abdomen; had the bullet gone an inch deeper, he would certainly be dead from internal bleeding, The Village Voice reports. We are extremely thankful and relieved that Yoni survived and hope that he recovers soon.

So what exactly happened?


The Village Voice visited Yoni in the hospital and have reported that after the band Fasano finished their set on Wednesday around 10PM, Yoni was alerted about a disturbance in front of the venue. As per their usual practice, he went outside to check it out. “Before he was able to even get outside, a shot fired during a dispute apparently unrelated to the venue struck him,” writes The Village Voice. The shooter escaped on foot.

An injured Yoni ran towards the bathroom, while patrons shouted in shock and confusion. The Village Voice writer, Dale W. Eisinger was there and called the ambulance, which arrived within 10 minutes, and Yoni was taken to the hospital.

One of the three co-owners, Daniel Arnes said: “The instant I cleaned up my best friend’s blood off the floor I made the decision to close. Nothing is worth that.”

The accident came as a shock to the owners who have created a music venue with one of the friendliest vibes. They never thought that they would have to deal problems of this kind.


I guess I need to do this because I still see people trying to plug their shows. If you had a show booked here, it’s canceled. We’re closed.

— BIG SNOW (@bigsnowbk) July 20, 2013

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