Good tidings all. Look no further than to Bushwick Daily for all your party needs. It is Memorial Day weekend and there is no better time to appreciate live music. We have painstakingly gathered our five favorite events this weekend, from a free show to dance parties to a psych fest. Bring a broom, because it is going to be a mess, BK!

Yacht getting Yachty

#1 YachtPrinzhorn Dance schoolLarry Gus, Kristopher Peterson @ Shea Stadium  (FRI 8PM, $17)

I cannot believe new age pop geniuses Yacht are going to be playing Shea Stadium for this price! Plus, Prizhorn Dance School and Larry Gus are also on the bill, who are other artists on DFA (James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem’s record label). Instead of spending double (at the way sold out) DFA Red Bull Music Academy show, stay local and get wild in East Williamsburg. This is a dance party. This is a trans party. This is a disco party. DANCE, DAMMIT!


dead stars

#2 Secret ColoursDead StarsSpiresTurnip King @ Cake Shop Monday ( 8PM $8 )

Chicago’s Secret Colours finally comes to NYC to rock your world with their straight-out-of-the-60s psychedelic tunes. Hypnotic, authentic, dizzying rock music that sounds like it was recorded in a paisley-printed canyon. Also on the bill is another favorite of ours, Dead Stars, Whose song “Fractured” is such a great ’90s throwback it will make you sing along and dance! Spires are just great and then there’s lovely Turnip King who we’ve been WAITING TO SEE FOR TOO LONG NOW!!!!!


Sage Francis

#3 Sage FrancisProlyphicB.DolanMetermaids @ Knitting Factory  Friday ( 8PM $15 )

Sage Francis on a holiday weekend is going to bring groupies, hip hop, heads, Turntablists, and people who want get down. Hip Hop Cardio with a message, ladies this place is going to be packed with hot boys with all kinds of feelings on the dancefloor. Run, don’t sleep! He cannot be missed when in town, and his supporting acts make it even more worth it.


furture islands

#4 Born LooseBirds of AvalonSnails @ Union Pool Saturday ( 9 PM  $10 )

Why see this show on a holiday weekend Saturday when there are mega clubs, and the usual places to go to? Because of these three bands. Holiday weekends bring out amateurs who are going to toss their cookies on your new shoes. Why not keep up your Cool Card member status and report on these bands. The price is right, and you are close to all the hot spots. My choice in particular is Snails. Because we heard a rumour they are *cough cough* Future Islands *cough cough*.


#5 The Do Over  W, Haycock, Strong & Blacc, and SURPRISE GUESTS @ The Well Sunday ( 2PM – 10PM  FREE! RSVP) *Red Bull Music Academy Calendar Event*

If you haven’t lived in Los Angeles, or don’t own a pair of Adidas, or have not witnessed the awesomeness of a man simply known as WaldoRules, then you might not know how hard this party goes and how dirty the dancing will really get. Here is a list of previous guests and sessions. See anyone familar? Yes, and this is in the huge venue of 2,000 capacity, The Well. Follow them on Twitter to see a tweet by tweet breakdown of how you will be spending your Sunday afternoon. This crew has pushed this #1 party to other lands afar. J.Rocc in Manila alone is a reason to hop on the L Train!


So there you are. 5 reasons to avoid the masses and experience bands, and truly once in a great while moments that you would normally not see. They will be providing the music, the vibe, and dark corners to LOSE YOURSELF TO DANCE.


Bring A Broom