mud fight

This city can put oneself into a tailspin of negativity. It is a fight to get into the city and to get some gluten free organic pancakes – am I right, ladies??? Seriously, though. Put down the all-natural cruelty-free honey-soaked Wonderbread and get dirty like a child in the sandbox. This city is reaching top levels in all categories and genres of music! From Friday to Sunday, we have your life planned out so you can just press play. Hint: It includes the Redbull Music Academy, the Downtown Festival, and a lot going on in the ‘hood.

Event Participant – Performance

Redbull Music Academy @ Everywhere (The entire month of May, times vary)

Talk about levels of energy, Red Bull Music Academy has taken over your soul and the month of May. Check out the schedule, and head down to a show, panel, or wherever your Red Bull wings may take you. This is a special event month of true legends in all genres. Do not miss this! Levels upon levels of enjoyment and beats.



Downtown Festival @ Everywhere (Friday & Saturday, 7PM, admission varies)

This festival is purely for the hardcore ego-free fans who will not spend 90% of their time with their phones in the air Instagraming how much fun it is to be them. You have a banging, curated group of super hot bands like 

Palma Violets


Earl Sweatshirt



Black Hippy

, and tons more. Invest your time in this fairly new vision of showcasing talent. 

It is spreading across major cities now

. Time to get TURNT UP.


Slava, Teams, Cities Aviv, Solar Year, Brothertiger, and PALMA VIOLETS (DJ SET) @ Living Bread Deli (Friday, 9PM, $10)

You read that right. I wrote that right. Everything is right with this. Living Bread is coming with a musical vengeance this month. We cannot explain the LEVELS that will be reached with this.


 brings super hot beats and production. Cities Aviv comes with

“I Want It All,”

a track that is just this deep funk, soul banger of beat mashup realness.

Palma Violets are DJ’ing in between sets,

which is unreal since they are playing several shows this week for the masses. Onstage and on deck – they are gonna keep the party going! Rough Trade LEVELS.


Twin SisterRelyse @ Silent Barn (Saturday, 8PM, $10)

Silent Barn is a champion, as it has survived a Maury Povich show level of challenges and beat them all. Silent Barn is not the father – yay! – so rejoice with Twin Sister and Relyse. Twin Sister is on tour and will make a nice little stop and I have little girl crush on the lead singer. Levels upon levels of good times.


CocoRosieValgeir Sigurdsson @ The Paper Box (Friday, 8PM, $30-$35 ) – SOLD OUT (unless)

Here at Bushwick Daily we have been eagerly awaiting this show, and at this point just don’t get in our way. However, if there is someone “Giving Away” tickets outside, I would head down there and grab them. If you like Bjork, you are gonna fall in love all over again. Check out CocoRosie’s “After the Afterlife” and you’ll owe me a shot of Jameson for bringing this into your life!


confused house

Confused House @ Bossa Nova Civic Club (Friday, 10PM, FREE)

I have been all over this world, and I have said before and am going to say now. Bossa Nova Civic Club is one step ahead of everything. These cats running this have no qualms about fog, black lights, Club-Mate, and compromising morals under palm trees and freshly squeezed juices. I am so confused about this night indeed. Bring it track selecta’ – I will be shutting this place down, and being asked to leave. Again. Sorry John Barclay for party rockin.


Moon Furies @ Pianos (Sunday, 8PM, $?…Bring a Hamilton)

Moon Furies are amazing live – high energy with neon on and everything. They have performed at Pianos before, and this space suits their vibe and look. Singer Jim’s insane trumpet, mosh pit and back again history will hopefully repeat itself, as I lose my mind everytime. This band is also displaying new tracks. Electro pop to Electro Clash to whiplash.



Duke Dumont, dj duke-dumont.jpg

FIXED w/ JDH & Dave P with special guest Duke Dumont @ Le Poisson Rouge (Saturday, 11PM, $10+)

Put on your dancing shoes, FIXED has brought in 

Duke Dumont

! FIXED events are never a dull moment, and bring in talent that big huge mega clubs wish they understood, because they would make a killing. So for this price, and this level of talent, RUN TO LPR. Ya mo be dere.


Luke Rathborne @ Glasslands (Tuesday 5/14, 10PM , $10)

An honorable mention must go to Luke Rathborne for his 7″ record release party at Glasslands. Super talented with smokey vocals like Rufus Wainwright, this night should be shortlisted. 

Spin recently showed some love for Luke

‘s “Last Forgiven.”


A good week to be in New York. Don’t miss these shows, or artists. I will be attending all of it, so feel free to challenge me to drinking, music and, as of late, Croatian raves. New levels are being reached lately, and I love LEVELS!