Turnip King (photo by courtesy of the band)

It’s hard to keep up with the sheer amount of music that’s being put out these days, especially in New York. Brooklyn is one of the cities most densely packed with musical talent in all the world. Why does such great music come from here? Let’s attribute it to the fluoride tap water. Oh, and maybe a bit to our personal ambition. Here are five great new singles from bands around the ‘hood, including The Vandelles, Turnip King, The So So Glos, Surfing, and The Teen Age.

“Swell to Heaven” – The Vandelles

Self described as “Rock N Roll Noir,” The Vandelles make guitar rock accessible by tossing in a little surf. Their new single “Swell to Heaven” is arguably the most “surf” thing they’ve ever done, with lo-fi harmonies and staccato guitar picking. Think The Beach Boys meets Surfer Blood, playing on a Bushwick rooftop. Ringing in at a brief burst of energy of 2 minutes 18 seconds, this is a tune you’ll be playing over and over, picturing what it would be like to be Surfing USA.



“Son of an American” The So So Glos

We’re raving about The So So Glos, who most identify as punk rockers, although they meld with the alternative scene of the ’00s perfectly. Though this single isn’t exactly new, the album that holds the song, Blowout, was just released this month. “Son of an American” is loud, proud and anthem-like. It suits the angsty teenager as well as it does the frustrated 20-something, while addressing the political messages being an American (or the son of one) carries. A little known Bushwick fact about the So So Glos – they formed DIY venue Market Hotel with Todd P back in 2008.

“Rooms/Fleece” – Turnip King

You may know Turnip King because they were previously known around the ‘hood as Beach Moms, or because they are headlining our upcoming showcase at Living Bread Deli on May 17th. Either way, you should keep them on your radar because they are great. “Rooms/Fleece,” with its oddly imaginative and poetic title, is a nostalgic rock ballad punched full of emotion, from lyrics to guitar riffs. It’s almost 8 minutes long, which works to its advantage, rolling through the waves of the song quite epically, the guitar doing most of the talking. We dare you to listen to this song and feel nothing.

“Ventura” – The Teen Age 

The Teen Age are another band on our Living Bread bill, and for good reason: they sound great next to Turnip King. On their own, they are a fun garage rock band that jingles and jangles in a feel good way. The song was recorded at the Converse Rubber Tracks in Williamsburg in the company of other up-and-comers like Tennis and Twin Shadow. And though their single sounds hot off the press, it rings in just the right amount of oldie-rock to make it a classic. Listen now.


 “Hollow Sparrow” – Surfing 

As their name suggests, you can expect more of the lo-fi guitar feel on this single, tinged with alternative surf rock. This single stands out for the gorgeous, floaty quality of lead singer’s ethereal voice, which balances the song dark guitar wonderfully. Surfing is a Bushwick-via-Virginia 4-piece whom are on our radar. You can catch playing at 285 Kent this coming Thursday.