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You’re young, broke and idealistic. Your creativity doesn’t let you sleep at night. You don’t care about food, sleep, clothes or love, because art is the only thing that matters right now. And you know you have to do it; give a tangible form to all that’s inside of you…

You probably live in Bushwick and you keep bumping into people with the same vibe all the time. Sometimes you think you must be going mad right at this moment, because it’s in the air. It buzzes, the neighborhood vibrates, you feel it with every step, you feel it with every portion of oxygen you fill up your lungs with. There are many amazing things to be created.

There are bands spending their food money on recording studios. Rehearsing in the basement all the time. Going crazy when they get to play a show. That’s why we’re beginning a cycle about Bushwick music. Connect to bands and musicians that are about to happen right now…

Photon Dynamo and The Shiny Pieces are a cult Bushwick rock-and-roll trio. Frank Rathbone, the frontman, guitar player and a vocalist says they met about two years ago. “John Swanson, the drummer, moved to my building and on the very same day we met on the stairs, I asked him to play a show with me. And he said yes.” Later on, at a show of some lame band, Frank met Gillian Visco, the bass player and a vocalist. “The band sucked,” says Frank, “but Gillian was super-excited about their pink bass. And so I asked her if she wants to play a bass in my band.” “And I said that I can’t play bass”, Gillian joins the conversation. “But Frank said: Sure you can. And I was like: Really? and I was so happy at that moment.” And that’s it.

They have an amazing chemistry among them. All three of them compose their songs. Somebody has an idea, comes to a practice and they work on it together. “I never finish songs by myself,” says Frank. “I always half finish them and then the whole band works on it.”

Photon frequently performs in Bushwick. You can see them playing at Party Expo, in Little Skips or catch a glimpse of random members rocking at an open mic. It needs to be said that if Photon performs outside of the neighborhood, Bushwick people migrate like birds to Africa all over Brooklyn, even to Greenpoint…;-)

Photon sounds like a bike ride underneath the above the ground subway and like the pure joy of living in Brooklyn. That’s where they get their inspiration: simple earthly Brooklyn pleasures, friends, bikes and roof top parties. You can taste Gilian’s songwriting influence when they sing about the absurdity and pain of love. It’s not an exceptional day when the entire Party Expo is shaking because the audience is singing the name of Frank’s girlfriend (yes, that’s one of their songs).

The Dynamo gang is just recording their second album. To download their first album Go In The World for free, just click here.

Gillian has been truly inspired lately and her distinctive songwriter’s voice called for a separate project. The band is concurrently working on “Gillian and the Shiny Pieces” album, which should definitely not escape your attention. (= secret tip wink wink).

Find more artists like Photon Dynamo and the Shiny Pieces at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Photon Dynamo and the Shiny Pieces at Myspace Music