See Some Music This Weekend! Photo by Maria Gotay

It’s that time of the week again you say? Time to find out about all of the incredible live music this neighborhood, borough and far-stretching city has to offer? Well, we won’t send you too far, but we can’t speak to where the music might take your ears. Here are our 10 Recommended Music shows this weekend. We’ve got rock, pop, experimental, electronic and…drome racing?

10.  Your Sister’s Canary @ Spike Hill (Saturday, show 9 pm, YSC 11 pm, Free)

Jersey’s Your Sister’s Canary has been wandering around the Brooklyn venue circuit for a while with their clever guitar rock and heartfelt, sly lyricisms. Live, they infuse their sound with energy and charm. Check ’em out at this free show on Saturday! Also watch the video of them playing a 2013 New Year’s Eve show about with a mob of fans dancing onstage!


9. Josh Harty Live in Bushwick at 1329 Myrtle Ave (Saturday, 8 pm, $Donation)

Do you like mellow folk shows that double as cozy house parties? Then this one is for you! Join a group of acoustic music lovers and discover the music of singer/songwriter Josh Harty from North Dakota.


8. Surfing, Land of Pines, Turnip King, Ball of Flame Shoots Fire at The Ho_Se (Saturday, 9 pm, $5)

A quirky venue like the Ho_Se in Bushwick ensures a crazy show and wonderfully funky audience. This one features surf/punk screamers Surfing and co-headliners Land of Pines, who are a happy dose of fizzly pop rock. We have a feeling it won’t be a dull show.


7. Stone Cold Fox at Glasslands (Friday, 8 pm, $10) 

Nostalgic indie rockers Stone Cold Fox will have your feet tapping happily at this Friday show and their endearing live performance will leave you wanting more! We think we might have a crush on these guys…stay tuned!


6. Free Time, White Bike, Liam Betson (Liam the Younger) at 252 Norman (Saturday, 9 pm, $5)

This venue/loft apartment in Greenpoint is known for hosting bands that are just around the bend from achieving some Indie Brooklyn fame, including Woodsman and Country Mice, and Saturday’s bands are no exception. The only problem is none of them have any obvious web presence. We’re intrigued by the sheer mystery of it all.


5. Le Sphinxxx, Vensaire, Indian Rebound, Slothbear @ Piano’s (Sunday, 9 pm, Free with RSVP)

Warm weather must be coming back around because so are the free shows. This is a great one to end your weekend with! Notorious psych-dance experimental music crew Le Sphinxxx will get your heart seizing with their spacey beats and keep it bouncing around when you see their onstage dancers.


4. Sky Ferreira, How To Dress Well, High Highs at 285 Kent (Thursday, 9 pm)

Well, we’d just look dumb if we didn’t include this hipster faves on our list. Sky Ferreira was one we were impressed with at SXSW and she’s gonna keep shining with her shimmery pop tunes coated in Fiona Apple-like smoky vocals. How to Dress Well shines live, with his hushed R&B jams that are both off-putting and addicting.


3.  Knxledge, Ohbliv, Time Wharp, Tuamie @ Living Bread Deli (Friday, 9 pm, $10 adv/$12 day of)

Stay in Bushwick and get your dance on at this electronic/dance showcase featuring glitch-hop artist Knxledge, who samples old school soul and R&B samples, mixing them with creative rhythms that are sprinkled with dopeness.


2. Hundred Waters, Salt Cathedral @ Glasslands Gallery (Saturday, 8 pm, $10 adv/$12 day of)

Hundred Waters were one of the best bands we saw at SXSW, and there’s no doubt about it. Ethereal harmonies define their sound – among the likes of bands like Twin Sister – and the rest fades between electronic noise and acoustic guitar with upbeat and tic-tac drums that will send you flying. No, really. These guys are amazing. Check out this video of them recorded live at Red Rocks, but we’re sure you’ll prefer the party live.


1. NinjaSonik, DJ Dirty Finger at The Bushwick Church at 626 Bushwick Ave (Saturday, 9 pm, FREE with RSVP)

You know this Church is blowing up when The Pains of Being Pure at Heart recorded a music video there last month (which we exclusively premiered, by the way), but now Red Bull is sponsoring this free show? Plus, it coincides with the Red Bull “mini drome,” which basically involves fixed gear bikers zooming around in circles. More specifically, it “will challenge both body and mind as riders navigate themselves around a unique and technically challenging course reaching speeds of over 30mph.” Whoa. WHOA! Awesome? We’ll have to wait and see. RSVP NOW!