Photo by Emily Tepper

Here is a formula for how to create and have more of something you desire in 5 easy steps, with a very unusual method for getting it: ritual design. This is a recipe and ritual for how to receive more, and it is a living, breathing, active biology of how to receive more. Yes, my dear, receiving is an action. To receive and to have are not the same as to be passive. Our culture teaches us a lot about how to give, how to take, achieve, do, and accomplish, but not so much about how to receive. Your capacity to receive is your yin, or feminine craft of healing and having, which ideally balances your yang energy form of giving. It’s a law of nature to have both within every living being. I’m going to give you the formula for having more of what you want, like a recipe, with 5 key ingredients:

The first key ingredient is Gratitude. Get grateful for what you have now. How can you express your gratitude for the relationships and situations you have in your life that are working right now? Rituals of Gratitude can include but are not limited to: gifts, acknowledgements, words of appreciation, and acts of service.

When we get grateful and express our gratitude, it calls us to be present. Gratitude centers and grounds us in the present moment to all that is good about what is already happening. In essence, you are creating the landing space, the “stickiness”, and the traction for more of what you want to take hold. Your new more desired experiences and outcomes will “bond” to what is already happening that you like.  Gratitude and appreciation for what you like and approve of now is much more powerful then most of us realize. It calls our attention to the glimmers of what we would like more of, what already exists in the present moment. These moments then become the interface to having more of what you want from your most desired future outcome. Try this on this week and stay tuned for the second key ingredient next week.