Don’t stress out…Get a massage in Bushwick instead!

*Crunch crunch* If that’s how your back sounds, maybe it’s time for you to get a massage. And I’m not talking about a back rub from that Chinese lady who lives on your street. I mean a proper medical, deep tissue massage that will restore and heal what needs to be healed. The wonderful news is that Loom Yoga just launched their wellness program and now offer massage sessions with a licensed therapist. I did some serious field journalism and tried the massage out for you. Here’s how it went…

“Our goal is to offer a complete health and wellness experience to the community, as the name loom means weaving the mind, body and spirit,” said Zalmen Labin, founder of the Loom Yoga Center in a very Zen manner. If you do yoga at The Loom, you probably noticed that they have expanded over the summer and significantly expanded their studio. Thanks to this you won’t ever have to hit your neighbor while in Warrior II again.

The wellness center is now right next to the reception. You can slip in after your regular yoga or pilates class and pick one of the massage therapies now offered at The Loom: Swedish, deep-tissue, clinical, sports, prenatal and postnatal massages. I tried the Swedish massage, and instructed my therapist Beret Kirkby to focus on my upper back as I frequently feel tension in that area “thanks” to my constant work on a laptop. Beret was really thorough and soon my back muscles felt relaxed and smooth. She also periodically asked if certain pressure hurt and how each area felt – but I assure you that no pain was present. On the contrary, I was slowly falling deeper and deeper into a massage nirvana.

Additionally, the massage therapy room is dimly lit and nicely heated with world music playing in the background. Once the massage was over, I felt like I could easily do a back flip if I wanted to. (I didn’t want to, in case you’re curious.) I also felt really thirsty. “That’s because your body is getting rid of the toxins,” said Beret. She also recommended a run or a long hot shower, so that all the nasty toxins leave my body more easily. After the massage with Beret Kirkby, my body and mind felt cleansed and relaxed.

Especially during the holidays, when we tend to stress out more than usual, a massage can feel like a little luxurious present for yourself. The best part is that during the Holidays everything is 10% off at Yoga Loom. So for a 30-minute long massage with a licensed therapist who really know what she’s doing, you’ll only spend $40.


You can book your massage session online or call Loom Yoga at 646-504-0121.



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