By Maria Gotay

Last Saturday, back at our favorite neighborhood yoga-and-party spot, Body Actualized Center, we rang in (late) Spring with a Cosmic evening full of, oh you know, the usual assortment of lovely and random plethora of BAC goodies. Marshmellows, blacklights, UV bouquets, a rainforest installation, kale chips, live DJing, light/laser show from Aurora of Mutual Dreaming, and always good vibes.

The evening doubled as a goodbye celebration for BAC’s most (in)famous yoga instructor and good-hearted core, Amy Jenkins, who gave a small speech describing the happiness of her community, the power of yoga, and her passion for being a woman! (I think her exact words were “I’m thankful I have a pussy!” – a statement met with great applause.) You go girl, and good luck beyond Bushwick’s factory skyline…

Not to worry! Body Actualized Center, fresh off of a write-up from the New York Times and with a spankin’ hot new website, is better than ever and features a full roster of daily yoga events and cosmic yoga on Sundays. We’ll keep you posted on their upcoming glowtastic parties, which so far seem to be bimonthly.


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[box]They’ve got awesome plans for Bushwick Open Studios, too! All day on the 2nd and 3rd they present, “Video Womb” an interactive music/video/performance experience that invites viewers to feel as though they are being transported “through the womb” in a trippy-birth-canal journey. Check out more info here.[/box]