The winter solstice happened today at


, and it seems that we made it through the End of the World.  Hooray! No apocalypse hit the Earth, and the Golden Age may begin. While some of us will celebrate today’s date at

one of the parties happening across the City and in our neighborhood

, many others prefer to take this opportunity and connect with their higher self through meditation, yoga and maybe a little bit of “community love-making.” 

Body Actualized


Jai Yoga Arts

 in Bushwick have both prepared special retreats for the Winter Solstice and the end of an age according to the Mayan Calendar.

Body Actualized: Sun Rise: a 56-Hour Activation to Enter the Nu Age

Yoga and community center on Troutman Street, Body Actualized is currently experiencing a 56-hour long retreat titled Sun Rise. “We come together to experience the universal, the possible, and the present. An event is only a glimpse of the future, sending us excerpts of new fictions. For three nights and two days we slow down to listen, to co-create meaning, and co-write a new story,” says the invitation.

Meditations, sound bathing, fasting as well as eating are being experienced by the participants right now, and will continue until tomorrow. You can still join them for a mediation or yoga of self-pleasure class (which according to the invitation includes nudity and community love-making. Ehm.) Check out full schedule here. Tickets are $10-20 (sliding scale).


Jai Yoga Arts: “Live Your Dreams” (Solstice Event)


Slightly more conservative Solstice event is happening at Jai Arts Yoga tonight from 8:15PM to 10PM (meaning don’t expect an orgy here). They are inviting you to spend this auspicious day with a Kundalini teacher Antonia Dunbar who will ceremoniously lead people to let go of the past and move into the abundance of the future. The event goes from 8:15pm to 10pm and will const you $20 on the day of the event.