Start Fall off Centered: Join Bushwick Meditation at the Group’s New Home at Loom Yoga Center

If the thought of the season that lies a few days away after Monday’s holiday is already making your heart rate pick up, just take a deep breath and plan to spend next Wednesday at The Loom Yoga Center with Casey Velasquez and the devoted following he’s accrued as a local practitioner of guided meditation.

Velasquez’ group, called, simply, Bushwick Meditation, has met once a week for more than a year now. The group used to call Brooklyn Fire Proof home, but these days, members meet at The Loom Yoga Center at 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday evenings for a relaxing, centering session that can help anyone make it through the week.

“Meditation is a break from our usual style of living and interacting,” Velasquez told Bushwick Daily in spring 2015, shortly after the group launched, emphasizing that he aims to cater to people at all experience levels.

The session is donation-based, so don’t worry about emptying your pockets just to try it out.

Enjoy, Bushwick!

Featured image: Meditation in the city. Photo courtesy of The Loom Yoga Center.

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