Just lie on this table and let all your worries go…

All photos by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily

Guillerma Moreno speaks passionately gesturing as she’s introducing me to her newly opened creative wellness center, Bhati. Massage, yoga center and an art gallery is a completion of a circle for this charismatic woman. Born in Honduras, Guillerma is actress turned massage therapist, who lived in a Hindu ashram and studied yoga in India. “My creative sense and my purpose of helping others came together here in Bhati.”

Located on bustling Flushing Ave, entering Bhati space at a loft at 1099 Flushing literally feels like entering a whole new different world. The space offers pleasant energy, lovely art work and most importantly, palpable peace. To offer a space and techniques of finding our true self is Guillerma’s main purpose of opening the center.

At the present moment Bhati is by by appointment only. Guillerma,  a massage therapist for over 10 years has developed her own intuitive style of massage stemming from Ajurvedic technique.  Her hands are soft, gentle and soothing, and lucky for us, Guillerma offers affordable prices for Bushwick.

Bhati doubles as an art gallery, and Guillerma curated her first show from amongst artists who work with spiritual themes.

“Yoga classes will start in September,” told me Guillerma. Yoga will be offered to relatively small groups of individuals on a regular basis making Bhati the newest Bushwick boutique yoga studio.

When I ask Guillerma about her story, she laughed and  told me how she found an ad in newspaper offering free trip to India; attainment of enlightenment in one month was included! During this trip over, Guillerma began her journey as a yoga and meditation practitioner.

Guillerma recalls an epiphany she experienced after 9/11. “I used to live 400 feet from WTC, I studied acting, and 9/11 really made me sober up. I picked up an application for a massage therapy school, which was lying on my desk for months and enrolled.”

Guillerma’s eyes sparkle when she mentions urban retreats she plans to offer to women in her center. Yoga, healthy cooking, dancing and fun will be all included, so stay tuned to find out more about this lovely spiritual venture!

Bhati offers palpable piece and a lot of light.


Art work of Alexandra Forsyth works with the themes of temporarity of our existence.



Goddess of learning mural.



Guillerma in action.