Let’s hang, shall we?

Daya Yoga, a yoga studio at Onderdonk Ave of many years has announced its official move to Bushwick, and will re-open in a converted factory at 360 Jefferson St (between Irving & Wyckoff Ave). In this connection, Daya has announced several new exciting yoga styles to be taught there. Aerial yoga (squeeek!!!), kundalini yoga (ooooooooom!),  Ashtanga, Kripalu, and Reiki + Restorative will surely enrich this neighborhood’s yoga scene. Daya will also be teaching yoga classes in Polish and Spanish, as well as Mommy & Me yoga classes positioning themselves as a truly community loving place of peace and balance.

The owner of Ridgewood Daya, Anna Lesniak emailed us yesterday that after the Ridgewood space (shared with a martial arts studio) introduced Krag Maga classes, an Israeli army self-defense method, which according to her own words is very brutal, she decided to close the studio and was ready to move to Brazil and live peacefully nearby a beach. However, “…all of the sudden Meghan [Conway] came to the picture. Fresh teacher form Krypalu who left the world of fashion and quickly became very amazing teacher. I fall in love with her seeing how much she puts into what she does and decided to change my path and stay,” Anna explained. Two women decided to join the forces and find a space for new and improved Daya.

“After many places we saw in this crazy growing area of Bushwick and Ridgewood where bars pop out as mushroom after rain, we found a space that felt right, felt like home again. Nice tall feelings, lots of space, ….lots of potential,” Anna added.

Anna as a long time Aerial Yoga practitioner decided to bring this practice to the neighborhood: “Aerial yoga is a new project. Everyone wants to fly, everyone wants to have fun, even Yogis. Aerial Yoga will turn your practice upside down and allow you to see life in a different way.”

We love it!

The new space will open with a day of free classes, live music and other festivities on July 12, 2014. Stay tuned for more info!