photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but this winter is KILLING my skin. Because I barely know how to take care of myself, I reverted to Bushwick expert, Anit Hora. She’s an aestesician, and founder of Mullein & Sparrow–a line of herbal remedies for skin and hair. After the wonders her face steam & mask has done for me, I knew I could turn to her for advice. I asked her several questions of burning urgency (literally) and here’s what she had to say about caring for your skin in this tragic weather:

#1 With the sudden climate change, everyone’s skin is cracking. How do you keep your general skin moisturized during the cold?

My favorite thing to keep skin moisturized is a good face serum. Many people are afraid to put oil on their face because they think that its gonna make them break out but its not! Its actually really good for you. The best way to apply any face oil or serum is to put in on a damp face. This makes it a lot easier for the product to absorb into your skin. I use spritz my face with a hydrosol or toner first and then press in a few drops of face and eye serum. If you are really, really dry- add a cream moisturizer on top.


#2 Do people still need to wear SPF in the winter time?

Yes, its important to protect your skin all year round. That being said, if you avoid the sun during peak hours (12-4), I think its okay to skip the SPF.  Also, just putting on moisturizer and other face products do create a barrier against the sun. Make sure you get some sun though because its so easy to get depressed during such a tough winter!

#3 I want to wash my face, but it’s so dry that all of my face-washes feel too rough. What’s a gentle way to cleanse?

That’s a common problem this time of year. Great homemade recipe is to take some oat flour and honey (vegans use agave or similar substitute) and mix in some water to create a paste. Gently make circular motions with this mixture to clean your skin and help exfoliate any dead, dry skin at the same time.

#4 I use chapstick, but my lips are still peeling. What’s the best way to exfoliate my lips?

Make a sugar scrub!! Just take a little bit of sugar and mix it with some oil (any kind that you have). Use this mixture to scrub away any dead skin and make your lips smooth and supple again.