The Ritualist: Ritual to Receive: Time to Process

Photo by Emily Tepper

Take a nap, making the mountain water, pound the rice. – Kobayashi Issa

Time to process is the next key ingredient in the recipe to receiving more of what you want. The previous technologies in this series have been about creating clear desires, aligning with them, and calling in what you want, whereas the technology of giving time to process happens after you have put your order in to the universe.

When we allow time to process, slow becomes fast and the alchemy of events that must occur will take place. Time to process allows for a special and necessary paradox of situations and actions to coexist that mark a shift in your life. Notice the differences that start to occur – observe them, allow them. There is an energetic letting go on our part, just as cookie dough requires time to bake in the oven, our desires require time to process. Additionally, time to process releases us from over-attaching our expectations to a linear timeline and to time in general. This is especially useful, because often when you don’t receive something that you expect to have at a certain time, it is because you are actually aligning with something bigger and better, beyond your wildest dreams.

Because you have taken all of the previous steps in this series of receiving more of what you want, you have already shifted on the thought level, and you are broadcasting a better and clearer signal with life about who you are and what you want. Your actions and experiences will now begin to shift without you needing to put a lot of conscious effort into it. Giving time to process invites ease. Try this on and stay tuned for the next and final ingredient of this ritual to receiving more of what you want. Also, see my new brand at For the next month, whoever contacts me and mentions Bushwick Daily will receive a free personal 20 minute consult with me.


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