The next key ingredient to the Ritual to Receive, and to getting more of what you want, is to expand. When you pour water into a cup, the cup will only hold the amount of water that equals the space available. The same principle holds true in how much you can receive. The key to expanding in the most desirable way is to make your “cup” bigger.

Expanding does not mean spacing out or checking out. It means becoming a bigger person with greater bandwidth and greater ability to receive what you want most in your life. Where is your cup so full that there is no room to hold any more? Expansion is about getting a bigger cup to make room for so much more. It’s also vital to review the contents of your relationships, your systems, your finances, your dreams, your work, your family, your hobbies, your self care, everything, and see what you perhaps want to pour out of your cup…this will help the expansion process. You are big enough to keep making space for it all, and you are also entitled to edit and choose exactly what you create space for. Every moment is a choice.

To Expand: Breathe deeply and feel into the container of your body. Give yourself 30 minutes of constructive inspiration time. Go do something that makes your inner child happy. Keep it simple. Take your inner artist on a date.

Then close your eyes and imagine. What you would like your life to feel like one year in the future? What does it feel like? Turn up the Technicolor on it and really feel into the details of what is happening in your vision. Float yourself into your own vision and see how it feels. Keep the feeling of your vision when you return, and when you are done, find one small thing you can do that replicates the feeling you have from your imagined memory of the future. You have now started the process of expansion.