Carly Feinman


Whether you’re a freelance writer sick of working at your home office, otherwise known as your bed, or a starving artist in need of a place with strong coffee and free wifi to send some emails, you non-desk-job folk need to get out sometimes! Next time you’re thinking of grabbing a coffee or a cocktail and getting some work done, check out one of these fab Bushwick spots.

 Variety Coffee Roasters

Why it’s great:

Between the consistent buzz of patrons coming and going and the always-on-point music (usually by artists I’ve never heard before) playing at a just-right volume, Variety’s atmosphere is perfect for any writer who thrives in a hustle-and-bustle environment where the hum of background noise is steady and energizing. The abundant natural light is a huge plus as is their speedy wifi, kick-ass baristas, clean (gender-neutral & single stall) bathroom, and artsy crowd.

Their coffee is affordable and strong—just $2 for a large drip coffee. It pairs perfectly with their assortment of pastries. Plus there’s always at least one vegan and one gluten-free option! It’s conveniently located just a block from the L at Dekalb, which makes it a great place to get some writing done before heading out for the day. Another huge plus: there are always dogs by the door, so snag a window seat and absorb all the canine cuteness.

How I do it:

I get there early—after 10 a.m. the place is packed—order a large drip coffee and a piece of vegan pumpkin bread and set myself down at the Pac-Man table. Yes, it’s a table made from a still-functioning Pac-Man arcade machine. This particular spot gives you a perfect view of the coffee line which comes in handy if you, like me, are a PhD level procrastinator and people-watch for sport.

 Walter’s Coffee Roastery

Why it’s great:

With plenty of large tables and seemingly infinite outlets, Walter’s setup is perfect for co-working with friends. Even though it’s almost always packed, I’ve never not been able to find a seat due to its abundant and well-spaced tables. Its unique atmosphere, unaffiliated yet clearly inspired by Breaking Bad, is what can only be described as chemistry-chic. The place is filled with glass beakers, both a decorative pieces and as vessels in which iced drinks are served.

The coffee menu itself is presented as a periodic table of elements. But what stands out the most about Walter’s is the back patio. In the warmer months there are tables, chairs, and countless outlets to make for the picture-perfect spot to get some work done without wasting away the gorgeous weather by being cooped up inside.

How I do it:

Depending on the weather, I either grab a table in the back overlooking the patio or on the patio itself, plug my dying laptop into an outlet and get in the coffee line while I wait for my friends to arrive. I order a soy milk latte using the CUPS app and head back to my table where my laptop has finally been revived from its battery-dead coma. And after a few hours of working, when we begin to feel burnt-out, my friends and I will grab our stuff and head across the street to the Maria Hernandez Park for some fresh air and a view of pups running around in the dog park.

 AP Café

Why it’s great:

Its minimalist aesthetic featuring tiny succulents lined up on sleek shelves, natural light pouring in from the sky light, and a very zen indoor waterfall coupled with its sickeningly gorgeous lattes and pastries make AP Café the perfect spot for anyone determined to get the perfect Instagram pic. Its location surrounded by Bushwick Collective murals only adds to its creativity-inducing, aesthetically pleasing vibe.

Even the most dull, menial tasks become more manageable when executed in this contagiously upbeat, creative environment.

How I do it:

I snag a seat near the indoor waterfall, order an espresso, connect to the wifi, and get started on my work and—if I’m being honest with myself—snap a pic for the Insta. When hunger strikes, I go for the avocado toast, one of the few vegan options AP Café offers.

 Hi Hello


If you’re like me and enjoy nothing more than a good old-fashioned window seat, Hi Hello won’t disappoint. Their window seating is prime. Like AP Café, Hi Hello is in the heart of mural territory, so the view is top-notch in the art department. Between its fun atmosphere, coffee menu, food menu, and drinks menu, you’ve got no excuse to not stay seated at your laptop and get your shit done.

How I do it:

I get there in the afternoon, snag a window seat, order an almond-milk latte—they make one of the best in NYC—and bang out my work until it gets dark. If I’m still feeling motivated, I’ll order a “Get It Together” (gin, dill syrup, lemon, soda) and keep on working. Plus on the weekends, since Hi Hello is smack center in the hub of all those Jefferson stop bars, it’s always an option to get your work done during the day then head straight out to meet friends at Cobra Club, Lot45, The Bodega, Heavy Woods, or any of the other great joints in the area.

 The Rookery

Why it’s great:

The Rookery’s spacious, carefully-curated space allows room for thinking. Its extra-tall ceilings, outdoor patio, and well-spaced seating are particularly conducive to working through big ideas or just hacking away at a project for hours. There’s truly a work station for everyone’s taste whether it be at the bar or on the patio.

There are also a ton of procrastination destinations, including a foosball table, Jenga, Scrabble, and an outdoor firepit on the patio. It could be a great place to get some writing done, but what I think it’s particularly perfect for is team meetings, brainstorming sessions, spitballing with friends about your latest creative ideas, and general post-work hangouts with colleagues. 

How I do it:

I’m a fan of showing up on a weekday evening with friends, getting a game of foosball going, then ordering a Chelsea Smile (New Amsterdam, elderflower, lemon, ginger beer, bitters) during happy hour. Once my friends have warmed up, I hit them with my latest article pitch or concept for a new play. Pro tip: the more drinks involved, the more honest the feedback.

 Bushwick Public House

Why it’s great:

This place has everything you might need during a long day of getting shit done: caffeinated beverages, alcoholic beverages, snacks, music that keeps your fingers typing to a beat, and, of course, an artistic crowd that keeps things lively. Located off the M at Central Avenue and the B38 at Myrtle and Dekalb Avenues, this hidden gem is a quirky joint always filled with rad locals.

Its walls are covered in unique, hand-painted murals, and its seating options are super fun: elevated plush chairs, stools at the bar only a few steps away from a pool table. Plus, if you stay there all day and get your work done, you can reward yourself by attending one of their evening events which can range from poetry readings to rock concerts.

How I do it:

I try to get there early on a weekend morning before the crowds arrive and grab either a plain drip coffee or one of their La Colombe draft lattes. Yes, they have iced coffee on tap. I like to sit at the bar and chat with the friendly baristas and procrastinate on my work by picking their brains about their music choices, which are always far removed from classic coffee house jams.

Featured image by Magdalena Waz. All other images by Carly Feinman for Bushwick Daily.