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The New York Marathon is an event like no other–t unites the city, as roads close and people of all ages line the streets to cheer runners on. The most important part of marathon training is definitely the pre-race meals. As science confirms, carbs are key to success.

In preparation for the big day (November 4th), here are our favorite places for carbs in Bushwick. If you didn’t snag a bib, don’t worry. Pasta is a good idea whether you’re running 26 miles or merely running to catch the subway.

Testo (141 Leonard Street) makes a ragu that will power you right over the Williamsburg Bridge incline. This small East Williamsburg spot specializes in pasta, all made in house. Save the carafes of house wine until after the race but definitely dip their house bread in all the olive oil.

Faro (436 Jefferson Street) makes its pasta by hand, from flour that is milled in house. The grain is from upstate New York and the atmosphere is the perfect spot to celebrate months of training and get ready for the race. Try the signature Bucatini with pastured chicken confit with Alpine cheese and chili flakes and ask about specials — the chef knows over 100 shapes. Be sure to make a reservation.

Faro bucatini by Michael Tulipan

Carmenata’s (50 Starr Street) is Bushwick’s best spot for spicy rigatoni meatballs and a weekend only foccacia that reminds you just how good bread can be. They’re open for lunch too, with a killer sandwich list so you can refuel after a long run.

Tony’s Pizzeria & Restaurant (443 Knickerbocker Ave) is the place to have pizza with a side of lasagna. This is an extreme move, but marathons are extreme. The guy who ran the first one died, remember? There are some crazy toppings here but we prefer to stick to the classics.

Rosa’s Pizza (6265 Fresh Pond Road) has something pretty special: a lasagna slice, which is yes, pizza topped with lasagna. This slice has a dedicated following and if it ran the marathon, fans would definitely track its progress online. Rosa’s also does affordable catering if you’re having friends over to watch the marathon.

Photos courtesy of Faro/Michael Tulipan

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