Roberta’s Pizza on Moore Street has already earned itself a permanent record in the history of Bushwick (even though it’s technically located in East Williamsburg). Just like a Pizza-Cinderella, Roberta’s has turned from a “hole in the wall” into a famed New York foodie destination where Girls brunch and Clintons dine. Yes, sure they pissed off the neighborhood with their feudal farming internships, but they will surely be forgiven by July 27th when their next block party goes down, and definitely by October 29th, when they launch their first Cook Book. Here’s what it will look like…


Roberta’s Cookbook will share recipes, photographs, and stories documenting the joint from when it first opened in 2008 to today. Just like the description of the book on Amazon says:

When Roberta’s opened in 2008 in a concrete bunker in Bushwick, it was a pizzeria where you could stop in for dinner and stumble out hours later, happy. It’s still a down-the-rabbit-hole kind of place but has also become a destination for groundbreaking food, a wholly original dining experience, and a rooftop garden that marked the beginning of the urban farming movement in New York City. The forces behind Roberta’s—chef Carlo Mirarchi and co-owners Brandon Hoy and Chris Parachini—share recipes, photographs, and stories meant to capture the experience of Roberta’s for those who haven’t been, and to immortalize it for those who’ve been there since the beginning.

You can pre-order the book now ($24.06 for hardcover, $18.99 for the Kindle edition).