If it’s Fuji Film, then It’s Not A F#%king Polaroid and it’s certainly not a motherf#%king Instagram either.

Worm Carnevale

’s solo show bearing the ubiquitous name will open

this Friday (Oct. 19 6-9PM) in Fuchs Projects


The show will consist of 300 instant photos from his archive. I’ve looked through roughly 527 individual shots from his instant film body of work. There are shots of drag queens, art exhibitions, moments of exhaustion, art direction, burns, smudges, Gilbert & George, masks, violence and things that are so unrecognizable that I didn’t ask for an explanation; content to let the mystery simmer.

It’s been one year since his last solo exhibition. Worm Carnevale has a mind for photography that feels alien to the senses but seems to come naturally to him. I highly regard this show as one not to miss.

In addition to the non-Polaroids, we’ve learned that there will be 165 square feet of Worm’s instant film printed onto wallpaper. As well as an exhibition in the project room of never-before-seen color infused photographs by gallery owner Rafael Fuchs.

This celebration of archival footage will run until October 28th.

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