By Katarina Hybenova

Welcome to Bushwick! This is the real deal – the living, breathing art scene of New York. 35+ galleries and hundreds of artist studios. Let’s be thankful that we are here to enjoy it. At Bushwick Daily we have been asked on numerous occasions when the best day is to visit Bushwick galleries and what else there is to do. I believe that the best day for an art adventure in Bushwick is Sunday because most of the galleries have open hours, and you can combine the gallery stroll with a Sunday brunch and après-gallery drinks.

Start with brunch

Cafe Ghia

Whether you’re coming from another borough or just from two blocks down the road, you should start your artsy Sunday with a delicious brunch. A middle aged couple from Manhattan stopped me on the street last week to ask if there were any safe brunching options in Bushwick. I had to laugh because Bushwick could be easily renamed to Brunchwick. Bushwick has plenty of great brunch options. This week, I would like to highlight Cafe Ghia, which immediately became a neighborhood favorite when it opened over a year ago. Basically, everything about this place is lovely. The bright interior has plenty of light, nice service and, most importantly, delicious and affordable brunch. My personal pick is Vegan Scramble for $10 (Tofu, sweet potato, kale, scallion, spicy black bean sauce, and ginger-lime tofu “cream,” served with toast.)

Cafe Ghia, 24 Irving Ave, one block from Jefferson L stop

Barcey’s Coffee

Another option for a delicious yet informal brunch is Barcey’s Coffee. I personally wouldn’t recommend this coffee shop for their coffee, but their brunch is to die for. The savory crepe with ham, egg, cheese with herbed creme fraise is almost legendary. Make sure to say hi to the owner Cristina while you are there!

Barcey’s Coffee, 143 St. Nicholas Avenue, Dekalb L stop


Little Skips

Little Skips is a cute coffee shop off Myrtle/Broadway J, M, Z stop known for it’s original and friendly atmosphere and delicious coffee. If you are in an art rush, and don’t want to spend too much time sitting at a restaurant, just grab a bagel, a sandwich or a croissant to go.

Little Skips, 942 Willoughby Ave, Myrtle/Broadway J, M, Z stop



Look at some great art

Parallel Art Space

If you don’t want to waste your time and/or money brunching, and want to directly proceed to looking at art, we have a special tip for this Sunday only. At Parallel Art Space at 1717 Troutman, they are serving a lazy Sunday brunch to close their close their fabulous art show Same Same but Different. 

Parallel Art Space, 1717 Troutman building, 2nd floor, #220, Jefferson L stop, Lazy Sunday Closing Brunch 1-6pm otherwise open Saturday to Sunday 2-6pm 


Regina Rex

Two birds with one stone (wink wink)! Regina Rex is in the same building like Parallel Art Space recommended for their closing brunch. They are open on Fridays through Sundays 12-6pm with their current exhibition Not About Love (featuring EJ Hauser, Nancy Haynes, and Sarah Peters).

Regina Rex, 1717 Troutman building, #329, Jefferson L stop

Storefront Bushwick

Walk over to 16 Wilson Ave and enjoy the current exhibition of Abdolreza Aminlari and Drew Shiflett in the main room, and a group show Cosmology in the project room (Nancy Bowen, Matthew Mahler, Paula Overbay and Lauren Seiden).

Storefront Bushwick, 16 Wilson, Jefferson or Morgan L stop, open on Saturday and Sunday 1-6pm 

Microscope Gallery

When on the Sunday gallery stroll, don’t miss the opportunity to check out the extended exhibition of Emma Bee Bernstein’s polaroids titled Exquisite Fucking Boredom. Emma Bernstein committed suicide at the age of 23 in Venice, Italy. Bernstein transformed “the spontaneous, on-the-spot Polaroid aesthetic into a generational portrait of hyper-self-conscious, passionately alluring young women and men taking on adulthood with deadly serious abandon.”

Microscope Gallery, 4 Charles Pl, Broadway/Myrtle J, M, Z train stop, open Thursday to Monday 1 to 6pm.

Enjoy what comes after the galleries…

After the gallery stroll, stop by for an artisanal beer or cocktail at Miles on 101 Wilson, or for a beergarita at Cain’s Tavern at 36 Wilson.  If you didn’t get enough culture, you can catch an excellent play at The Bushwick Starr theater Violette Violette at 8pm.

Miles, 101 Wilson Ave, Central M train stop or Jefferson L train stop

Cain’s Tavern, 36 Wilson Ave, Jefferson or Morgan L train stop

The Bushwick Starr, 207 Starr St,. Jefferson L train stop