We are entering February this week, folks. And as the winter slowly proceeds, let’s look at how you can get involved in the community of Bushwick on various levels. Among other things, let’s not forget that we are not done with #OWS yet, and Bushwick is a large hub for important events. Here is how you can get involved in Bushwick community:

#1 Bushwick General Assembly @ Kave (Wednesday, 7pm)

Bushwick General Assembly is a community organization dedicated to the enrichment and preservation of Bushwick. It is a part of the Occupy Brooklyn movement, and if you caught yourself fretting about the recent development of Bushwick using the “G” word at least 5 times in the past 3 days, we suggest you come to Kave in The Loom on Wednesday, and actually talk about what you can do to create socially sustainable environment in Bushwick.


#2 Welcome to The Occupation @ Brooklyn Fire Proof (Wednesday, 8:30pm)

To accompany the #ows movement, Brooklyn Fire Proof is hosting an interesting film series, which focuses on ’80s-90s cautionary tales: movies from the margin, standing in the long shadow of Reagan and Thatcher. Their common vision is that of everyday life tortured into goose-step with an expensive and sophisticated police state and cheap and vulgar consumer goods. Alternating between B-movie blockbusters and indies, the worlds of REPO MAN and ROBOCOP, the films expose possible results of the dysfunctional relationship between a people and their government.


#3 Bushwick Review Presents: Thee Keepers ov Love @ Body Actualized (Saturday, 4-7pm)

Bushwick Review is a quarterly printed publication that features short stories, essays, poetry, photography, recipes, paintings, drawings, plays, comics, and basically anything that can be printed on a black-and-white page. It is also a growing community of creative people. On Saturday, Bushwick Review will bring readings of 11 writers. Also check out new yoga spot in the neighborhood, Body Actualized.


#4 Paul D’Agostino @ Norte Maar (Friday, 6-9pm)

Many know Paul D’Agostino as a Bushwick pioneer who opened Centotto, a gallery at his loft at Moore St. Many know Paul as a highly sophisticated curator and the community supporter. Many know Paul as a professor of Italian language and literature at Brooklyn College, and many know Paul as a contributor to The L Magazine. However, not enough people know that Paul D’Agostino is also an extremely talented artist himself… Come to look at the art and listen to the writings of one of the people who made this neighborhood a great spot on Earth. This Friday at Norte Maar.


#5 First Friday @ The Loom (Friday, 7:30-11pm)

The Loom Gallery is featuring a regular 1st Friday of the month exhibition. This month, The Loom Gallery will present Billy Hahn’s most recent paintings, drawings, collages, and installation. SAGOPALM – a band that is allegedly known for melting faces, making young girls tear up, and mapping out a new diagram to the distant stars – will perform. 1st Fridays at the Loom are always a nice occasion to hang out with your neighbors and to meet other members of the Bushwick community.