Some Bushwick Auteurs Are Planning an Unedited 48 Hour Film Fest

Attendees at the Bushwick Film Festival. Photo courtesy of the Bushwick Film Festival.

Two local filmmakers are preparing a film festival which will celebrate the joys of low tech, sequential filmmaking.
The event, called DV8 Film Fest, will showcase the work of participants who will have 48 hours to make a film using DV cassette recorders or Super 8 cameras. No table or software editing is allowed.

DV8 founder Gaby Granda and festival partner Rebecca Shapass created the annual event two years ago, and tell Bushwick Daily that it grew out of the feeling that “much of our film school experience had become centered around who was able to get the best camera, collect the most olive branches, and in genera spend the most money.”

“We yearned to go back to that time when we fell in love in filmmaking, which for us personally, as well as many of our participants, probably goes back to when we were around 8 years old, and shot all of our films on our family’s DV cam (sequentially of course), says Granda in an email.

“Our festival has no losers or winners, and everyone who submits gets to screen their film. Last year we screened narrative pieces, as well as more experimental pieces, but no matter what category these pieces fell into, they we’re all rich with passion, emotion, and story.”

This year’s screening event will take place at Roll gate Studio at 272 Seigel Street on Friday, June 17th at 8:30.

Check it out!

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