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You won’t miss summer anymore with this amazing addition to a neighborhood favorite: HotBox, a sauna on wheels in New York, has arrived to Nowadays! They promise a cozy time at 180 degrees to sweat out all your winter blues. HotBox claims to be a safe space for all people to come feel good and relaxed.

“It always seemed like a shame to shut down our backyard at the end of October, so this year we decided to add a few features that would make it feel cozy, even when the temperature drops,” said Justin Carter, co-owner of Nowadays. “Trying something like this is always a bit of a gamble, but if our opening weekend is any sign, we think people are really into it! It was a great vibe out there!”

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Come and explore your new favorite winter tradition: saunas have been long used in Northern Europe and Russia as a beneficial experience for your health and mind. Researchers found that, “regular sauna bathing stabilizes the autonomic nervous system, reduces blood pressure, inflammation, oxidative stress, circulation of bad cholesterol, arterial stiffness, and vascular resistance.”

Meaning that the dry heat in the sauna helps your blood flow better, improving your body’s heart and blood vessels.

However, remember to stay safe before using the sauna– hydrate often and take breaks to cool off. Each session includes a towel, water, and a cool shower. Robe rentals are available and will cost you an additional three bucks. The sauna itself is a 144 square-foot hot box that fits 8 to 10 people at a time. Don’t forget to grab your bathing suit!

In addition to the HotBox, Nowadays will also have a 20 person heated yurt! A yurt is a nomadic mobile home, popular in Mongolia and nearby regions. Nowadays decorated theirs with cozy ottomans, Moroccan pillows, and rugs–, all to create the ultimate winter escape. Guests are welcome to enjoy the outdoor seating with blankets and a heated bar, with heart-warming cocktails like, mulled wine, spiked cider and hot toddies.

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Winter is coming, but it isn’t bad news at all: this year, we’re keeping the outdoors open! Starting Friday, the back yard is open for your schvitzing pleasure with the welcome return of @hotboxmobilesauna. This year we’re also throwing up a heated bell tent with plenty of cushions for lounging. Our outdoor bar will be enclosed and we’ll also have fire pits, blankets, and of course, hot drinks. As always, it’ll be free of charge out there. Indoors, things are still kicking. The kitchen reopens (and the chicken sandwich you’ve been dreaming about is back), Planetarium kicks off tomorrow with Stud1nt and Laraaji, and we’ll celebrate Halloween tonight. Party with us on Friday and rave with us on Saturday. Autumn will be a breeze, and Winter’s got nothing on us.

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For a more familiar experience and camping nostalgia, grab a spicy hot chocolate, some blankets and cuddle up with your love bug near the fire pits for the ultimate cuffing-season date night in Bushwick!


Sauna reservations: $40 per person for 90 minute sessions (Fridays 8 p.m.–10 p.m., Saturday 12 p.m.-1:30 p.m., and Sunday 12 p.m.-3 p.m.)

Late-night happy hour: $20 per person (Friday-Saturday 10 p.m. – 4 a.m.) Robe rentals are $3

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