A Super Quick Guide To Voting For The Midterms In Bushwick And Beyond

Angely Mercado

[email protected]

After so much anticipation, election day 2018 is upon us. 

It feels like the primaries were just yesterday. And now it’s time to vote in the official midterms. This year’s elections has been making headlines months before November and Bushwick elected officials are urging their constituents to vote:

If you haven’t been voting for very long, or lost track of time and still aren’t sure about what your polling place is, we have a few links that can help you out. 

If you’re only aware of some candidates and want some last minute brushing up, check out this guide in the NYC Campaign Finance Board. You’ll have access to information on everything from hyper-local to statewide campaigns. 

If you recently moved, or have been an inactive vote and aren’t sure where your polling place is, or what time it closes and opens, here’s a link that helps you find your polling site. 

To use it you have to plug in your address and then you’ll get the address for the closest polling location and the hours. Most polling sites in the area close at 9 p.m. 

Once you vote, check out some of our Bushwick election watch party recommendations. And don’t forget to help get out the vote by bringing (registered) friends and family with you to vote. 

Happy election 2018!

Cover photo courtesy of Elliott Stallion

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