Phil Buehler


Earlier this July the Ghetto Coalition, a group of Brooklyn Based motorcycle clubs, took over Johnson Avenue near the corner of Flushing Avenue for its’ annual Pamper Run.

This year marked the 23rd annual run and it was filled with leather clad bikers, roaring engines, and impressive bikes.

Photo by Phil Buehler for Bushwick Daily

What exactly is a Pamper Run might you ask?

Motorcycle clubs get together and “go on a run” led by a truck load of infant supplies including diapers that are collected as an entry fee for Hale House.

The organization is named after “Mother” Clara Hale, a pioneer in African-American self-help efforts, especially those directed toward children. It offers affordable childcare and educational programs to vulnerable residents in Harlem.

Afterwards there was a big block party with Italian ices, free foods, and even a water slide for the kids. It was a sight to see.

Here’s a quick look at all of the bikers on Johnson Avenue that day:

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