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Soundproofing a Bedroom? Feeling Crafty? Get Your FREE Egg Cartons on Craigslist

And now, ladies and gentleman, I give you the latest installment of "random Craigslist shit

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons

And now, ladies and gentleman, I give you the latest installment of "random Craigslist shit." Today, we have 28 cardboard egg cartons, 9 plastic egg cartons, and 1 styrofoam egg carton, all FREE and ready for you to pick up in Bushwick! Why only one styrofoam, you ask? Because it's really bad for the environment, OKAY??? And here in Brooklyn we like to take care of our planet.

Screenshot from Craigslist

Sadly, the seller no longer needs these SUPER useful egg cartons due to an abandoned arts and craft project (somewhere, Martha Stewart is crying). But that's just fine, because there are a million and one ways YOU can put those egg cartons to good use. Or you know, soundproofing your bedroom if you're bothered by noise and/or plotting to murder someone.

Cool Things to Do with Egg Cartons (via Pinterest):

A holiday wreath

Flowers that won't die

Your next Halloween costume

Festive lighting

Desk organizers

Holders for your budding jewelry business

Well...what are you waiting for?

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