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No BS BOS Guide on Your Mobile or Device. Get it Here!


No BS BOS guide on your device!

So... You've been looking all over Bushwick for a copy of No BS BOS, a curated print guide to BOS by Bushwick Daily but you can't find it? (Well, that shouldn't happen 'cause they are all over the place but we get it--Bushwick Open Studios comes with a lot of day drinking...) Or maybe you're like "Screw it, paper is so 1999, I wanna take a look at it at my phablet," which we get as well. In either case, we've got ya covered because our No BS BOS mobile version just came live.


So go to bushwickdaily.woop.ie and browse the hell out of it! It should be super-responsive!  And say thank you to a visionary start up woop.ie thanks to whom this is happening!

Happy browsing (online and offline)!!


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