Angely Mercado


There’s a site that’s not the MTA weekender, or any other organized transit app that tells commuters about the L train. And only about the L train. 

It’s called Is The L Running. And it’s URL is just that squished together with a .com at the end. There’s also an ad at the bottom, and a service status announcement bar:

That’s it. It tells you if the L is running, if the train is on time, if it’s late, or if it’s even running at all. Bushwick Daily reached out to the email found on the website in hopes of learning more about when it was created, and what will happen to the site during the L-pocalypse. There has been no response as of this writing. 

Search for “Is the L Running” on Twitter and the only thing that comes up is an account also called @IsTheLRunning. But there aren’t any tweets there, which just adds to the mystery. 

At least we know that there’s a trusty site that will always tell us when the L is running, at least until the shutdown in April 2019. Maybe North Brookyn will be graced with an “Is the M Running” site. Who knows. 

Bushwick Daily will continue to cover transportation, travel alternatives and all things L train leading up to the shutdown. Check out some of our links below. 

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Cover photo courtesy of Evan Haddad