Seneca Ave in Ridgewood

Last Friday, the New York Times real estate section declared, among some other provocative things, that

Bushwick is over

 (a fun Friday afternoon read for the BD newsroom, as

you may have observed

). This week, the Gray Lady’s Real Estate Section let readers in on where they can find the coolest apartments now, and what do you know, seems these days it’s all about Ridgewood!

In a piece entitled “Ridgewood, Queens, an Affordable Alternative,” (alternative to what, we wonder!) Ridgewood’s hominess, convenience, centrality and strong middle class resident base are among the attractions talked up by recent transplants to the neighborhood and a real estate broker. The piece doesn’t fail to acknowledge that the coming L train outage may have an impact on buyer interest in the neighborhood; it also notes that Ridgewood is “unlikely to be totally taken over by young creative types and professionals” (read: trendy, but not, like, too trendy, you know?)

A map in the piece identifies the area generally considered Middle Village as part of Ridgewood (which, if included in their real estate pricing data set, would skew their numbers) and misidentified a photo of Fresh Pond Rd as Myrtle Avenue (the cross street is visible in the background)—but, hey, they’re not wrong about Ridgewood being plenty nice!

Reader, what do you make of this appraisal of Bushwick’s next door neighborhood? Are you convinced that this where you need to buy the home in which to raise your family? Because that real estate agent the Times quoted recommends that you do it now, before it’s too late!