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SPONSORED- Is winter getting you down, Bushwick? Are thoughts of the L train shutting down for 3 years giving you anxiety? Well don’t tell your real mom about it- real moms suck! The person you need to talk to is Nina Keneally, aka The World Famous NeedAMom. And enough just thinking about it, guys- break out of your winter rut and schedule an appointment with Nina already! Her new client rate is only $30 for a session ($40 for regular clients), so you’ll be sure you’re getting an affordable service.

Feeling like the whole thing is kinda weird? Well think of it as having a personal mentor or life coach (in that special Bushwick way). Couldn’t everyone use someone like that? You can see Nina weekly, monthly or even for just a one-off session. She’ll listen and only give advice when you ask for it. Or she can teach you how to make a mean chicken marsala or shredded tofu, shiitake & edamame stir fry and some kick-ass sea salt brownies with homemade hot fudge ganache!

need a mom nina

Nina is a warm, empathetic, non-judgmental and funny person with plenty of life experience. She’s been an award-winning theatre producer, a drug & alcohol counselor and the mother of two well-adjusted adult sons. Now she lives in Bushwick and understands many of the challenges of living and working in NYC these days. Her boots-on-ground experience also comes from seeing what her sons and their friends go through on a daily basis.

So don’t be scared- go ahead and send Nina a message for some good, old maternal-type personal mentoring!

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