Charmed for a Baby. All photos courtesy of the owners

Maybe it doesn’t always seem like that from a bar chair on a Friday night, but Bushwick is also a neighborhood of parents and their children. Families have been raising their children in Bushwick for generations, and even younger recent arrivals are getting older and putting down the roots in the neighborhood.

Melissa Han and Elizabeth Correa who have both lived in Bushwick their whole lives and are both mothers, say that a quality children’s boutique has been missing in Bushwick.

On December 23 they have opened a boutique called Charmed for Baby at 295 Harman St (between Irving Ave and Knickerbocker Ave) specializing in quality, organic stuff and unique items that cannot be found in the area.

“We have beautiful items from overseas such as Australia that are hard to find in the U.S.,” Elizabeth Correa told us. “We have shoes, blankets, wooden toys for ages 0 to 7-8–a little bit of everything,” she continued.

Parents can expect prices between $30 to $60 for a pair of shoes; $25 to $55 for pants; and $55 for jackets. Charmed for Baby also carries super-cute Brooklyn baby t-shirts for $28, which we ourselves would like to wear, if they came in our size! Elizabeth told us that they are still receiving new goods, so be on a lookout!

“Bushwick is overdue for a children’s boutique,” Elizabeth answered my question if Bushwick is ready for a baby store. “There are a lot of stores in Bushwick that carry stuff for children but it usually doesn’t last, and we wanted to bring quality at affordable prices,” she said.

“We are mothers ourselves and used to spend a lot of time shopping for kids online, pay outrageous amounts for shipping, and wait long time until it arrived,” Elizabeth explained.

The owners say that as the neighborhood is changing and all the new restaurants and cafes are arriving, they wanted to offer something to make people stay in the neighborhood even when they decide to have a family.

“We’ve seen the neighborhood change, we’ve raised our families here, and a store like this was really missing,” Elizabeth said.

Charmed for Baby also offers a free delivery to local Woodhall and Wyckoff Hospitals in case you wanted to send you friend, a new mother, something better than a bouquet of flowers.

“We know that we’re not going to make a lot of money in the beginning, but for us it’s a labor of love,” the owners concluded.

Charmed for Baby, 295 Harman St,Bushwick. Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 10AM-7PM and Sunday 11AM-5PM.

Check out that Brooklyn baby tee.

The owners Elizabeth and Melissa raised families in Bushwick.

Customers seem to like the new store.