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You may know that acupuncture can help you relieve a multitude of symptoms from pain to stress to heartburn, but did you know it’s a useful tool for combating the common seasonal cold as well? Tigerlily Holistic (360 Jefferson St, suite #1C) is the perfect place to take an hour’s retreat this season to realign yourself and work on building up your defenses for the cold weather ahead.

“I see so many overworked patients this time of year,” says owner Ariel de Leon, one of the licensed acupuncturists at the clinic. “My main goal is usually to restore their bodies to some functional integrity so they can make better use of their own resources. Getting solid sleep is a big deal.”

With a new year upon us, it sounds like the perfect goal for 2016.

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The first acupuncture practice to land in Bushwick, the goal of this community-oriented center is providing accessible, high quality acupuncture treatment at affordable prices. For that reason, payment is made on a sliding scale from $30—$60. No proof of income is required.

“The community model reduces stress on the patient and the practitioner. When you’re not spending a hundred bucks on a private session, we don’t have to get to every issue in one visit because you can afford to come back. Healing is a process; it takes time for the body to digest changes, even good ones,” explains Ariel.

The clinic opened just a few months ago, but they’ve already created a myriad of wellness-oriented offerings like Qi Gong, meditation, Reiki and special healing sessions. Once you’ve finished your acupuncture treatment for the day, you’ll want to browse a helpful selection of The Good Fight Herb Co.’s salves and tinctures to further fortify your body for the winter.

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While all of this may sound good in writing, nothing beats walking into the clinic and being enveloped in the fresh, airy atmosphere, soothing music and calming presence of the practitioners. You’ll always receive a smile and a helpful introduction, whether you’re an acupuncture addict or its your first time trying it out.

The best part? Tigerlily Holistic is now offering 45 minutes of Reiki for $50. If you needed one more reason to stop in, you’ve got it!

Check out their new hours on Sundays, Friday evenings (and Tuesday evenings, coming soon). Acupuncture visits are billed on a sliding scale from $30—$60, with no proof of income required. Expect a $10 paperwork fee on the first visit.

Tigerlily Holistic, 360 Jefferson St, Bushwick suite #1C. (646) 979-0708. Hours: Hours: Monday & Tuesday: 10AM—7PM; Wednesday through Friday: 10AM—7PM; Saturday 10AM—3PM; Sunday: 11AM—3PM. Walk-ins welcome!