Bushwick Daily Just Launched its Community Events Calendar

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Katarina Hybenova


The sun is out, the snow is melting, working hours are almost over, and it’s St. Paddy’s Day (Cheers!☘️). There’s very little we could tell you at this point to make the day better. Perhaps only that Bushwick Daily has just launched its community calendar of events!

How does it work? Easy! You click here, peruse the event selections, and plan your weekend like a boss—even with a bullet journal if that’s what you’re into.

Are you organizing an event yourself? Hit the “Submit” button and easily enter the event details for the community to enjoy. Your event will appear in the calendar instantaneously. 

If you want even more eyes on your event, use Bushwick Daily’s promo options (starting at $29), and list your event in our daily newsletter, or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just fill out this quick form.

As the community submits more and more events, we’ll start curating weekly best events lists and publishing them here on Bushwick Daily.

Now, seriously let’s get to enjoying this sunny day!

OK, here’s one last dance party gif… 

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